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Hepatitis c and chirrosis 1 B


My brother was diagnosed with hepatitis c and chirrosis 1B . He will strat treatment in January. Can someone please tell me what that means I mean how badly liver is damaged and how long my brother can live with ?

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I think in truth that question is one with so many variables. But I don't think questioning it as a life or death situation will bring much peace of mind. People with hepatitis c can live a pretty normal life for decades and given that he's starting treatment next month I think the main issue is the level of cirrhosis. It can continue even after treatment for the virus and as his consultant will advise, this is best helped with lifestyle changes. no alcohol, smoking and a good healthy diet. he needs to look after himself is the bottom line and give himself every chance of a long life. I know there are others on here with far greater knowledge on this subject and hopefully someone can comment further. I just didn't want you to be worrying so much and measuring this as a life or death situation. hope it's helped a bit. 🙂

The best 9f the best treatment is new drug Epclusa for the hep c will clear the virus. I am living proof. Dealing with cirrhosis is new to me, mine brought on from blood transfusions mid to late 80's. Facing the biggest battle of my life living with cirrhosis. I will keep following this site I feel good these days haven't drank in 8 yrs over weight and need to kearn to eat healthy. I work long hours have a lot of stress in lfe; bad marriage.

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