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hepatitis B with chronic liver disease

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diagnosed hepatitis B with chronic liver disease and now i am waiting in early appointment for specialist checkup already over 1 month is gone and now Dr giving me appointment after 2 months . my health is going down rapidly now a days i am in very hard abdomen pain , difficulty in walking white before 1 month my hand and feet was every time very warm like fire bit now very cold i have 2 times blood vomiting and and warm watery vomiting every day in morning , problem in breathing and some times my memory is lost some times i fell my weight is lost and some time gain and some time my abdomen is gone large please please advice me what i do in this position

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Can you phone them again and give them the list of symptoms you are experiencing right now and say you would like to be seen sooner. If your doctor is not a gastrointerologist or a hepatitis doctor then he or she will not or may not realize how significant your symptoms are. Good luck.


Hey mahamed .. Please go to your nearest A&E department . Your symptoms are so very the same as mine were , you really need to be seen by a gastroenterologist or even hepatologist soon as . Don't suffer like is , they can drain the fluid from your tummy and admit you to hospital as that's where you need to be right now . Take it from someone who has been there , I would never have gone to A&E myself . Untill I was in that much pain and not sleeping or eating , I could not breath and had tachycardia ( rapid heart beat ) . My dad made me go to my family doctor who rang the hospital there and then and an ambulance came to surgery to take me to hospital where I stayed for 6 weeks . I was told if I had left it any longer I would have been dead in 6 months . Not trying to scare you at all , I am telling it as I went through it .. Good luck ! Best wishes

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Muz-ahmed in reply to Millie09


Good advice from Millie09, better to be safe than sorry especially if you're having trouble breathing.

My dad struggled with his breathing when his ascites (fluid on his tummy) was bad. He had this drained a few times. Also the confusion/memory loss is a concern.

At least get checked out.

Good luck and God Bless 🙏🏻


How are you Linda after the wisdom teeth extraction? Xx

Hi jacqui . Oh I have been not of this planet lol . Friday I was with my doctor for an hour . Still no idea on the milk thistle so I have decided to leave it as he has now refered me to the queen Elizabeth liver unit . Saturday as you know I went to hospital for wisdom teeth . Boy was she a butcher !! I was so annoyed with her from the off . I have never encountered any problems with previous dental surgeons there as they know of my Anxiety and cirrhosis . Well she would not let my sister in to the surgery room due to cross contamination , my sister only every sits on the chair in the corner of the room no where near myself or the dentist , so I told this awful woman not To bother and went to walk out , she then changed her mind 🙄. But boy did I suffer . I heard every crack and crunch you could imagine , I had to push up against her in the opposite direction with the top wisdom was extracted . To this day the sockets are still sore , had stitches which will dissolve in 3 weeks , still eating mush lol . Had my flu jab so all weekend I was out of it . Slept most of the weekend and have not been it as yet due to the cold weather . So I got what I asked for from my doctor ! Refered to hepatologist 🙋🏻.. Hoes thinks with you Hun ? Hope you and mum are doing well ? Let me know . You can message me if you want . Sorry if I have missed anyone's messages as my emails have been piling up for a good week so not got through them all . Keeping me occupied and I am in contact with a man from the QE now who does the suioort group , he has a vast amount of knowledge of you ever wanted to speak to him . I can give you his name and telephone nimber if you wish . He is post transplant 17 yrs now , but has cancer again for the second time . Lovely man he is . He would help you so much I am sure .. Big ( hugs )) Linda xx 💕

Oh God Bless you Linda what a nightmare experience, I share your fear of dentists so can imagine how you felt and if they're a bit hostile that just makes it ten times worse. Here's hoping it heals very soon. Well done on finally getting your referral, that's a big positive! Saw oncologist yesterday and my mums got the go ahead for cycle 3 which is today. Can't sleep as I'm worried sick, she's done really well with the first two but he explained they were weaker to test her reaction and today's is the full blown whammy, full strength and double the dosage so she's naturally extremely anxious. I'm so proud of the strength and courage she has shown facing this. He explained Small Cell is a very aggressive cancer, her prognosis without chemo was just weeks so a huge shock and so she decided to give the chemo a try. Depending on how she responds to today's will be her decider as to whether she continues. Either way I support her decision, her courage and strength has been commendable considering the time span from diagnosis to treatment, just 4 weeks. Hardly enough time to even take it all in. So today is a big day, I'll be with her all the way with all the love and support I can give. Love her to bits and heartbreaking to go through. Praying for her all the way.

Hope your mouth heals soon, you must be looking forward to a proper meal!

Glad you've found a good support group, he sounds a very positive influence, always good to have.

Sending you healing (((hugs))) Jacqui xx💞xx

Hi jacqui ! So glad to hear from you , my problems are small compared to others . I will heal up in time . I am with you all the way on how you are feeling Hunni , like your mum , my dad was never ever any trouble during all of his treatment , even laughing on the morning we were waiting for him to be called in to have his left lung removed . Yep ! That was A very long day 7am - 10pm Was at heartland hospital just waiting till it was all over and I had seen him in intensive care . You won't sleep. Hun , neither did I , your such a very strong lady and so is your mum , we somehow find the strength to go through all this even though we are worried 24/7 .. I have everything crossed for you Both and I pray the outcome is a god one . My dad had squamous cell carcinoma . He had had this for a while and never knew untill it had destroyed his lung , It is heartbreaking to see , and even worse as we have no power over this , your love and strength is all that your mum needs right now , and I hope your getting support yourself too , as this is very important . I will be thinking of you both . My words cannot express to you both how much I care that all will be positive .., but you will know what I mean Hun .. Sending you massive healing ((( hugs ))) ❤️❤️.. Prayers and strength to you both and the family . Whatever the outcome I am here if you need me . Prayers of hope and healing sending your way 💕🙏🏻.. Thinking of you ... Love and maybe positivity .. Linda xxx💟💟💟

Thank you Linda for your encouraging words. Well we got through cycle 3 without any problems. A bit of a Stressful day mentally, esp after no sleep 😩 But came home and fell asleep til 8pm! Ate then back out to do first injection. My mum is fine so far, I know it takes a couple of days for the effects to show but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Working very much on the One Day at a Time basis, that's all you can do since have no control over this. But she's positive today and that's all I can expect of her right now. I'm sure all the prayers and positive thoughts help, I really believe so, they certainly help me. So thank you for your lovely message of support.

Love ❤️ prayers 🙏🏻 and (((hugs))) to you.

Jacqui xxxx

Hi jaqui ,sorry for late reply Hun , that's ok , I know how you are both feeling having gone through this myself , well that's cycle 3 over with now , I can imagine right now what's going on in your mind , but as you say it's a day at a time thing now and you have both coped amazingly well Hun , like me I found the strength from nowhere only due to the fact that my dad would only listen to me and no one else . We had a very very special bond . It will be his birthday soon 21 Dec . He would have been 83 yrs old bless him . It's going to be a hard day and I don't like Xmas anymore due to the suffering he went thorough after his lung removal on 13 Dec 2012 . You are both very special ladies never forget that ever . Take each step as it comes Hun , I'm keeping all I have crossed for your mum .. Keep your chin up 😊.. Sending lots of love ❤️Hugs and prayers back to you xxx

Bless you Linda, you know what they say...these things are sent to try us! Whoever came up with that one liner wasn't joking, but I believe with love, support, friendship, all those things, we can get through our darkest days. We need never feel we're alone, whatever the journey. Doesn't take our pain away but it certainly makes the road less bumpy. I know what you mean about Christmas, it hasn't felt the same since my dad spent the whole of December in bed so poorly and admitted to hospital on 30 December, the day after his birthday, never to return home. But they live on in our hearts ❤️ and our thoughts, always and forever. My Mum is still feeling ok today so that's good. Today is my mum and dads wedding anniversary, days like this are always sad and bring back many memories but that's life isn't it, have to try to look at the positive...today she's doing fine. Love her to bits, so brave 😍

Hope you're feeling better? How's your gums...Hopefullya bit better, takes time.

Love and ((hugs)) back to you Linda 💖💞💖 from me xxxx

Yes that quote is so very true ! But we get through these things whatever the outcome , glad to hear mum is doing good today and I bet it's a day of mixed emotions due to it being the wedding anniversary .. I'm so sorry to hear a about your dad Hun , such a mixed emotion time Xmas is , I have to put on the so called happy face in front of my daughter Xmas day and my grandsons which it does help distract me away from my thoughts for the day untill I'm home again on my own .. New Year's Eve is even worse . Glad to hear mum is doing good ! 😊👍. I hope things go her way . Yes I was the same with my dad , full of love and respect for everything he went through you thinking he was going to be ok after his lung was removed but was not meant to be . Oh my mouth is not as sore today ! Relief . I have managed to eat a lot more . Had my new toy Delivered today . My tassimo coffee machine ! Omg ! I'm in love with it 😂. I had several different types of coffee too with it so I'll be experimenting all day tomorrow . Just have therapy next week and dentist again . Oh plus Xmas gift shopping is driving me mad . So skint 😩.. But that's what having a big family does but I wouldn't have it any other way .. Have a lovely Sunday together ☺️.. Chat soon .. Love and hugs back to you 💕💕.. Stay strong xxxx

Same here, I find New Years Eve much harder than Christmas Day, so emotional, always a time for reflection 😢

Yay, I love my coffee machine, best gadget I ever bought! Enjoy trying them all out 😊

Glad your mouth is finally healing, food!!!! Chocolate 😍

Have a lovely Sunday, coffee and chocolate.....ahh,heaven!!

Lots of love to you ❤️ xxxx

Yes it sure is ! I try not to watch anything regarding new test celebrations. Even my Daughter goes to bed before midnight as she is the same as Me .such a sad time of the year 😞. Oh you have a coffe Machine ! Omg my kitchen smells like a barista bar lol . I'm addicted to it . Yes I am going to eat a bit more solid food today , and my chocolate this evening 😋😋.. Have a lottie Sunday afternoon Hun .. And lots of love back 💕💕xxx

Funny you should just message! Just made myself a latté ready to log in and check messages! Even bought the proper tall glass mugs...Eat your heart out Costa coffee, don't need you anymore 😂😂😂 You know what they say Hun, little things please little minds...that's me 😜 Oh the simple things in life that can put a smile on my face 😀

Done my dads grave today with Andy, he's looking well Christmassy 😍 Andy built a little area around it with path edgings and lovely posts and then lovely stones in the middle. Merry Christmas Dad ❤️ Looks lovely, can't buy him a pressie so that's my gift to him. Took some photos, my mums over the moon, she's wanted it done for ages so that's put a smile on her face today 😍

Aw I know how you feel about NYE, I sob 😢 I let one of those lanterns off in the garden with the kids and watch it float up into the sky lighting the stars up telling my dad how much I miss him..hope he hears me 😘 His last NYE was spent in hospital and he died a few days later, it'll never be the same. But have to stay strong for my mum and my kids still need to feel happiness at this time of year...tough tho.

Enjoy that coffee lovely lady and choc 😋😋

Love and ((hugs)) to you, have a lovely day ❤️🙏🏻❤️🌹❤️ xxxx

He he ! Can't beat you own coffee machine , I have that many pods now I'm spoilt for choice 😋😋. Same with me . I'm not one for fancy expensive things , I am happy with what I have . I have everything I need . Oh how beautiful , I find it so hard to go to mum and dads grave . I still get the visions of the day of the funeral , my dad was never one for celebrating Xmas much , not after our mum died but I will be going there anyway to add some things to their graveside . Bet your mum was well pleased bless her .☺️. Gosh I bet that was difficult for you all Hun , Having to go through all that on nye .. Bless you .. But it's good that you have family and young children . Mine are all married and lead their own lives now . I feel sad that I don't see much of my sons but my daughter is completely the opposite. Oh the phone Eveyday and staying with her and her hubby and 3 grandsons Xmas day so that will be nice . Well I hope you had a great day which I can see you have ... Have a peaceful evening .. Love and hugs back ❤️❤️Xxx

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The British Liver Trust helpline recieved your email this morning and have sent a reply.

We reiterate again here;

Based on the severity of these symptoms we advise that you go to your nearest hospital's accident and emergency department today and see a doctor there for urgent assessment.

We hope you understand how important it is to see a doctor today.

Best wishes,


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Muz-ahmed in reply to Trust1

Hi Rebecca thanks for suggestion . I have also received ur email

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Jahida in reply to Muz-ahmed

Hope you've gotten yourself to the hospital! Really hope you are under the right care!

I got appointment tomorrow for specialist checkup and day after tomorrow for ultra Scan

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