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Sensitive update


Turns out my poor boys scrotum is infected. Saw GP today and she prescribed antibiotics telling us to contact the surgery again if it's not improving in 24 hours. He is in agony when he moves :(

He has been through a lot including a catheter and he says this is the worst.

Best anti drinking campaign showing the affects of alcohol abuse me thinks. Horrific.


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Poor fellow, that sounds just awful. He must be in agony and worry. If it were me, I would use hot compresses, hot tub baths. I would wrap it and keep it wrapped in apple cider vinegar but the vinger would burn horribly if he got it somehow into his penis. I hope he does not suffer much longer with this. Best wishes. Aloha

this sounds horrendous i do hope the anti biotics start to work soon, infection, im my opinion is one of the worst pains, and to have it where he has it is just awful,, hope he gets well soon, bless. love grace xoxoxo 🙏



If he is still in agony it would be advisable to take him back to the GP's today for review.

The British Liver Trust would strongly advise against the use of any compresses, use of apple cider vinegar or other unprescribed treatments.

Please just take direct advice from medical professionals.

Best wishes,


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