Half full or half empty??

Hi guys. Hope you're all as well as can be expected? I'm still plodding along, getting through each day like the rest of us.

Guys, I have a question. Didn't eat or drink for 6\7 hours before my scan as advised. The Radiographer asked if I'd eaten very recently. I said no. Then he asked me again. I said no, definitely not. Why?

He replied by saying because I had not eaten for that length of time my gallbladder should be fully distended (full) but it was only half full?

I have Googled this but all I keep getting is information about Gall stones.

Can anyone let me know of their experience and perhaps enlighten me as to whether this may be an up coming problem. ( I have End Stage Liver Disease)

Thanks in advance guys! 😀

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  • That's interesting because I was asked the same question during my ultrasound. I hadn't eaten for 12 hours. The sonographer didn't mention anything about the gall bladder but cryptically just said nothing significant. I have elevated ggt. Jim getting a phone call from the gp tomorrow to discuss-interesting no need for appointment-? Don't know what that means.

  • well I'm pretty sure all my issues are down to years of too much vino but I avoid alcohol as far as possible these days

  • Hi Briccolone

    it's a shame all those yrs of drinking til we dropped & cldn't remember clearly wot happened the night 🌃 b4...& way 2 much dabbling of substances that nobody warned us...wld result in us having some seriously sick bodies in yrs 2 follow 😢 oh well...here's 2 the good ol days...wen we were all unaware & naive 🍺 Kathy x

  • A few years back I had all kinds of digestive issues which showed nothing on U/s ggt was about 190 then but all symptoms disappeared below 170 and after 3 months diet and abstinence. A year later ggt at 250 and fatty liver on U/s so in my case clear link

  • i wasnt asked or told anything just that i had non alcholic fatty liver disease

  • what was the reason for the scan as i'v had a few. the first one was because i went to the doctors in terrible pain and that was to see if i had gallstones and i wasnt asked not to eat or drink.or if i'd eaten or drankthe second i had an MRI ct scan and on the letter it said dont eat or drink afte 6 am in the morning and when i got to the hospital i just happend to say to the guy im dying of thirst and he said why is that and i told him what it said on the letter not to eat or drink and he said oh no its fine have a drink and they had a drinking well in the hospital so i had a good drink, its was 5.30pm at night. the next scan i had was for pelvic pain and i was actaully in the hosptal and i got really angry and they took all my water away at midnight and i was to get the scan that day i had nothing to eat or drink. it was about 11am and they came and said they had made a mistake and i was to drink as much water as i could as they needed a full bladder and stomach, so i drank a load of water thinking i was going to get taken down for the scan very soon but i then had to wait another few hours before i got the scan and was in pain and was bursting for the toilet. they never did find out what was wrong with me and the guy scanning me said i would need to see a gynaecologist and i said why is that and he said it could be your tubes or anything and i said. iv had a full hysterectomy i mean come on this is true guys, its was all a complet f...up. sometimes they may ask if youv had anything to eat as they cant see properly because the spleen in covering up the view or one of your organs covers the view of the gallbaldder and then they usually if they cant find what they;r looking for and your still in pain the give you an MRI ct scan thats if its for gallstones or they want to see your gallbladder. hope this is some help white feather and not more confusion, its nice to see you on the forum again, keep well darling, love grace xoxoxo🤗

  • It was a routine scan Grace. I'm puzzled!!

  • whatever happens white-feather i wish you well dear and send love and prayers and also a big hug to you. god bless you. love grace xoxo🤗🙏

  • I had exactly the same my gall bladder was shrunken and stuck to liver and I was having symptoms of liver problems

  • All discovered during gallbladder surgery seems I have some liver problems now .. Just started investigation had fibro scan 16.5

  • Hi what ever you do don't use google always takes you down the wrong path

  • i went to my doctor as i was very very ill with many symptoms covered in purple dots swollen legs and could hardly move my arms. he said i dont know what you'v got but you'v got it bad. he gave me ibuprofen for pain, i came home went on google and up came cryoglobulinemia so i had to go back to the doctor and tell him what to test me for it also said hep c as well and i had both of them so it does not always take one down the wrong road. but i would say its bad to check on your own operations and illness's as it always shows you what can go wrong. always go to the doctor first and if like me he says i dont know what you'v got but you'v got it bad, where else can i go? except google which was perfectly accurate and i had both illness's and a special blood test is given for cryoglobulinemia it must be tested immediately after the blood it taken. so its not always wrong. i do understand what your saying though and before i had my 5 hour operation called an hepaticojejumoscopy i was looking it up and terrifying myself with all the things that can go wrong. a lot of us do that. so i understand where your coming from i had to tell you my experience as well to be fair. love grace xoxoxo

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