Post-op check up!

I went for my first check up yesterday after having stents in my hepatic vein around 5 weeks ago, blood is back flowing into my liver and my liver has started to 'regenerate' or work better and other veins now also have blood flow! Leeds Hospital, Liver specialist unit, who did the procedure have done a great job so far. Would definitely recommend them.

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  • thats good news and always nice to hear. yes those surgeons are marvellous the things that they can do today is quite unbelievable isnt it. i do hope that your now feeling better. i dont know about your actual situation but i had stents put into my bile duct as it was blocked by a stone and was so terribly ill. once the stent went in and the duct was open to allow the bile to flow through i felt so much better. iv had the operations since then and the stent removed, i just wanted to say hello and how glad i am that your liver is regenerating and working better. love grace xoxoxo

  • Thankyou x

  • My partner had his transplant at Leeds in July. The staff there are amazing.! He is already down to monthly checks & continuing to improve.xx

  • Great news!x

  • yes great news which is so encouraging for people who are on the waiting list. thanks for posting this. 🌹

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