On being fair

On being fair

For the record, I am totally cool with others views on religion but it's not my cup of tea. I do not believe in god. I believe in many excellent things but not heaven. I do see that many enjoy their beliefs. I like for people to find strength in their own way. I do not fear being dead. But I want to stay here with my friends and my family. Sad is how I feel. I must accept how things go. So thank you for the love, for the cheers but please do not suggest god has a plan for me. Now I close and leave you to your personal faith whatever that is.

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  • I've been 'following' you for a while but this is the first time I've written to you. Now that I've put pen to paper (so to speak) I don't know what to say! Just know that you have ..........well, reached me, is the best way I can think to put it. I also don't believe in God but I do think there is some sort of universal consciousness and maybe all the good thoughts coming at you from all of us out here will help give you strength. Do try the juicing, I know someone who refused chemotherapy and juiced for ages with great success. She had many healthy years before her cancer returned. I wish the same for you.......but without the recurrence of cancer :)

  • Thank you so much for this note. I do believe that I will last longer. I also have for years drank a lot of organic freshly juiced carrots beets apples oranges pineapples. I really love hearing of people who were strong enough to face established views on chemo. It's our winter here now and even tho the weather is most days perfect I am cold. That cold causes me a lot of pain and fatigue. In the spring I will be warm enough again and summer here is pure bliss. I can live one season at a time and keeping hoping to see the next. There is something powerful and mysterious I agree with you. It needs no name. No place. No words. We all feel it. That's universal consciousness. Thanks for your words. Aloha

  • Well said and we'll read.

    As someone who adores science..indeed, I was getting my PhD in anthropology prior to me getting ill, I have no issue at all with the Big Bang theory, and the evolution of man.

    As someone who is sober and practices a 12 step program, step 2& 3 ask me to find faith in a higher power. Many people believe that the groups collective conscious fits that description in lieu of a god. Just as long as it's not me.

    In other words, as long as I don't use me as god when it comes to my alcoholism.

    In fact, there was some dispute in the writing of the Big Book of AA since IS was convicted much not known that one of the founders, Bill W. had some type of spirituala awakening but he often attended meetings primarily for agnosticss and atheists. It was Dr. bob who seemed to be more of a religious man.

    The big, bookis very telling in their compromise to f this mature..stating that often spiritual awakenings would often be of the 'educational variety' not the type of burning bush as seen in another well known text.

    I myself, as have said, have no problem wi the evolution. In fact, I believe in it. I also think you can believe in a collective all connecting consciousness, especially as seen in the ancient lifeways such as Native Americans and the Ancient Celts.

    These are just my beliefs..you are welcome to yours, as we all are.

    After all, life is not a dress rehearsals..therefore living it to the fullest n your terms is what matters.

    Alas, I'm not perfect..and though I do not push religion,,ido care deeply about other practicing alcoholics.

    I just hate seeing people suffer so much. I've been there and blessed to have found a way to stop drinking AND have a happy fulfilling life.

    Cheering you on!

    As ever...Kimberly

  • Very enjoyable. I did aa for 3 years. Lots of amazing folks and stories. I think it's best when we allow for differences. Aloha think of you often. Your strong spirit.

  • Its an undeniable fact that all the religions on this earth claim to be from GOD. Hadhrat Muhammad (SAW), Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Baba Nanak and every religious leader taught people to believe and worship GOD. Although all religions have slight differences in the attributes they ascribe to God, but all the religions hold the common view that there is a God who has created this universe. History tells us that even those ancient religions that no longer exist in this world, they also held the view of God, whether they were in ancient America, or in jungles of Africa or in England, or in Java or Sumatra, or in Japan and China or in Siberia or in India. It is an important point that what's the reason for this thought provoking unity among so varied religions? In the ancient times people were not linked together through any means of communication or transport, then how is it possible that people living in isolation thousands of mile away from each other, held the common view about the existence of God? Many of the lands were even not discovered at that time.Even now it is difficult for two persons to completely agree on any issue, then how come this universal unanimity regarding existence of God? All these facts lead us to the only possible conclusion that not only there is a living God but also that God has always manifested Himself through some means to his men to make them believe in Him. Historians agree that if there is such universal unanimity about any issue then there is no reason to disagree with it. Another fact worth noting is that there have been a small number of atheists all the times, this proves that the 'existence of God' is not related to any psychological need of human beings. In this world, one can lead ones life without acknowledging the existence of God, though he will be attempting to close his eyes to the very obvious and clear truth

  • I used to love this group, I used to refer to it as 'Humanity at its best', because support and knowledge with regards to liver issues were it's prime objective. Also because subjects that may cause offence or discord, such as politics and religion were sensibly avoided.

    This is still essentially a site which is here to provide support to people with liver problems, not as a platform for arguments or discussions about things that have no relevance here and only serve to sow seeds of discord. I feel so sad that the group is being pushed into this direction.

  • I certainly have not enjoyed defending myself or posting "will you stop it with the religion and politics. I do feel the moderators have now said enough to all that we will see an ending to it. I hope you are doing really well. Aloha

  • Hi there, I remember you and your post. The fire sounds lovely. If you only could experience it on a sober level alcohol is a hallucigenic drug. I was very addicted to it but now I am very addicted to flring my endorphins with cycling or just being miserable until I can cycle again. I hope you find a way to help your liver survive. I really love a sober life. Aloha

  • i can certainly understand how annoying it must be for people to infilct their religious beliefs onto you and i can see why you would want to defend yourself to stop more of the same. you have every right to do so.

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