Hi its mohammed been away couple of weeks having a meltdown slowly getting up i suffer from emotionally unstable personality disorder and ptsd and diabetes .Probs with liver and abdomen got to me .I dont drink so it was a cocktail of carbs chocs cakes and big dollop of self harm.Two weeks ago diagnosed with uti mentioned abdominal pain to doc again and the run of abnormal liver tests sent of urine sample few days later went back to get prescription for paroxetine and insulin this doctor said what a mess she took blood test and arranged ultra sound the doc i had seen about uti had taken urine sample only and told me to give him a week to analze all liver tests i had had and why not picked up i have bloods every three months for diabetic review going for ultrasound on mon pain really bad constantly like a hunchback and itching getting worse i think antideppresants and antipychotics i have managed to come off quetiapine have done it but the pain itching painfull passing water dark urine raised liver numbers over 12-18 months could it be something other than liver disease

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  • I think you should really go the hospital , or get your GP to refer you . I have Cirrosis , depression and Anxiety , my sleep is non exsistant ad I'm Totaly drained . Hope you get to the bottom of this .

  • Thanks

  • I also suffer from emotional unstable personality disorder and it's horrible. Feeling everything so strongly can hurt. Someone said it's like having 3rd degree burns over 90% of your body where a slight touch causes agony . That describes me perfectly but I'm good at putting on a front most of the time. Got to hubby needs me. Go back to the doc take someone with you if poss. Good luck. X

  • Thanks tests done just have to wait definetly thinking about coming off the antidepressants best of luck to u as well

  • As long as you are under a psychiatrist then coming off should be okay. Careful though cos I came off mine and went down really quick. EUPD is rubbish xx

  • Ok thanks

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