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High ALP after gallbladder removal

Hi all,

Just joined and first post:) have lots of medical history (portal hypertension, splenectomy, down to one kidney) but most recent issue is my ALP levels are hovering about 300...ALT slightly raised....I had my gallbladder removed (stones) 18 months ago - ALP and ALT s were sky high before then- I waited a year to have the operation done and now my bloods are not coming down any further. I've been tested for everything and nothing obvious as yet. Hospital seem desperate to give me some kind of condition- small duct PSC is the latest. Anyone else had this post gallbladder removal? I have a lot of scar tissue in the area- adhesions do this?

Thank you:)

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I wasn't told much of anything after my gallbladder removal so sorry no help here, but was later found to have haemochromatosis which is a possible cause of gallbladder and liver problems. I hope someone else can give you a better answer. Good luck

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