Taking a step back

hi all tony here,many many thanks to all that replied or read last post,this afternoon Amys phone started ringing and eventually she picked up the phone,she has been in blackout since discharging her self ,can't remember police station etc,,have retold her how ill she is,but doesn't want to know,

. managed to speak to her gp ,who said the pair of us will try,but with out any joy,hopefully it might sink in at some point and the will to live take over but if there is a glimmer of hope I shall carry on but from a safer distance as most of you lovely people advised,,my own boundaries have to be enforced,2 calls a day,my pal in A/a said to me were hear to carry the message,not to carry the alcoholic,but I also was considered a hopeless case with 14 Detox,s so yes there is always hope.where ever there is a human being there is a chance for human kindness,many many many thanks again,if there is any significant change I will keep you posted,all the best Tony.xx.

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  • all the very best. make yourself number 1. 🤗

  • nice job i knew you would find her ,,,,have a good wknd ok

  • Just a thought Tony, Try writing Amy a letter telling her everything you have told us, how ill she is, that you will do what you can and tell her exactly what you are prepared to do. Re read it after a few hrs to check you,ve said everything you need to. Pin it on her bathroom door. That way ( you never know ) in a moment when she is thinking a liitle more clearly it just may sink in. Also it will spare you having to repeat yourself. You,re a good friend Tony. Best wishes, look after yourself, and rest easy knowing you have done all you can. anne.

  • hi Anne,

  • hi Anne,thanks fir that idea,I hadn't thought of that,I'll have to post it though as not going around to her place as some male alcoholic's and users some time there to rinse her for what ever she has got,would have her liver if it was any good,if I do its never alone but pal has had enough,but I've known her for a lot longer,also never know what accusation's might get thrown around,can do with out that hassle,no answer from phone today,so I will post a letter and be detailed and graphic ,but coming from a caring place all the best tony.x

  • good man-carry on carrying on

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