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Any information please

Hi all im quite new to this forum hoping for any advice my partner is in hospital at the moment he had been poorly for a few days before being admitted he was confused,sleeping most of the time,nauseous on admission the blood test results showed low sodium his kidneys weren't working they stopped his spironolactone and frusimide as he was also dehydrated. Since being in there he has had 3 saline drips and antibiotics because his breathing was so bad chest XRay showed a little bit of fluid in his lungs but his ascites has started to build up again, he also had a scan which showed a small liver and a large spleen he was diagnosed about 17 years ago but I have never seen him this poorly how serious does this sound so about such a long post

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Hi bess something similar happened to my husband in march it was he had kidney injury and was dehydrated too the hospital stopped his spiro and furesomide he had four drips in hospital for ten days but did recover but stomach was huge due to fluid retention, kidney function normal now, he is under another hospital for his liver so they reintroduced the spirolactone but not the furesomide so he now has to go for drain every month due to ascites which was controlled before the problem with his kidneys. As a result of this they now say he has a decompensated liver, and two weeks ago found a small tumour on his liver too. Hope your husband is feeling better soon but ask about the fluid build up be persistent until you get an answer karen x


Hi Karen thank you for your reply the doctor has stopped his fluid drip yesterday as his kidney function test has improved and he has put him back on his spironolactone hopefully this will reduce the ascites. He was finding it difficult to breath and had a bad cough a chest XRay showed a bit of fluid in his lungs. He had this problem in june he was admitted to have it drained I'm thinking this is how it will be going forward as for the past 6 months his diaretics have been stop for a couple of weeks and then start for a couple of weeks thanks again for your help x


I know its a nightmare isnt it having the ascites is so uncomfortable. It took a couple of months before my husbands kidney function improved but thry never put him back on the furesomide only on the spiro. Glad to hear he has improved karen xx


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