Hi , i was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver two years ago i was 37, Alcohol related i have been clean for a year and a half now, I had a life threatening episode xmas gone my son was called in to say his goodbyes xmas eve as i was internally bleeding so bad i was put in a coma.Now i am (touch wood ) been well (ish) for a couple of months the longest so far, i am always busy around the house and don't stop really , my appetite has got large so eating more than i ever used due as alcohol stopped the hunger , however i would really like to do these exercises that tone your stomach and butt and help u look trim, i am already swollen still with ascites in my stomach . Is it safe to exercise this way or will it do me more harm, i forgot to mention i have a umbilical hernia aswell but it's not extreme YET ! Jackiex

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  • Hi Jackie. Whilst you ladies will always try to 'look good' and as a red blooded male I certainly appreciate it, I think in your situation asthetics are secondary somewhat. You should be concentrating on muscle building and cardio vascular exercise.

    Muscle building to stop your body losing muscle mass as a result of the Liver being unable to store energy in it's damaged state.

    Cardiovascular, because should you require a transplant in the future, the fitter your heart is, the better the chances of pulling through a major operation.

    On the original point, can't see any exercise toning the bum being a problem. I wouldn't fancy doing sit ups and the like with ascites and any kind of hernia though... however if you try, and it hurts in any kind of unnatural way, I'd stop pronto.

  • Hi Jackie I went to the gym 3 times a week for one hour , before my transplant , I did a lot of bench pressing not heavy just the bar, loT of leg exersise ie bike , a lot of breathing exersise , walking the stairs X 5 plenty of arm exersise , I'm 53 and sailed through my op, good luck, don't cheat your only cheating yourself ,

  • Firstly check with your Doctor or Consultant, if its fine then my advice would be to go to a gym and make sure they understand what you can/can't do and what your goals are. Get sometime with one of the gym instructors, they will identify the correct equipment for you.

    Working on your core, is going to help with any exercise, they are the stabilising muscles we use everyday, but most critically for any exercise if you can isolate your core then you are less likely to injure yourself doing other exercises, injury mostly comes from poor form.

    I will warn you that you can have a very strong core but it won't show at all unless there is little to no fat covering the muscles. My wife has an incredibly strong core, but she does not look ripped, and she is very thin.

    I can also vouch for the phrase 'if it ain't hurting, it ain't working'!

    I really miss going to the gym, I was starting to really get somewhere, but am currently too ill to consider it, once I'm better I will be back at it.

    There are many exercises you can do whilst at home, you do not need to go out and buy the latest gadget, it will be a waste of money and end up in the loft/on ebay!

    Most of all enjoy it!

  • You can cycle hours every week and get a bum that feels and looks firm as a basketball. Start off slowly. Always go careful with your hernia. You will eventually make the muscles around it stronger and it might heal some if not lots. Riding a bike burns a lot of calories. I am mostly a road cyclist but I have four bikes, some are just for fun or the woods and trails but any bike will make you stronger. Good luck. Oh and I healed ascites 3 times with swimming and cycling but be mindful, do not push real hard until you get your body adjusted to its discipline.

  • I no longer use gyms because its an easy olace to get ill and my immune system is fragile. I miss them though.

  • Well I was diagnosed with cirrhosis at 35 through alcohol I've been sober two years.I go the gym every day lifting weights and cardio but even though my liver is sticking out a mile and usually painful its done me no harm.but I would start using light weights and exercise first good look !!!!

  • The absolute best exercise, considering your lingering problems, is swimming. Or more accurately exercising in the water even if it's walking at pace through the water or gentle swimming. The weightless environment created naturally by the water will take pressure off your swollen parts. Really in your condition it's best to do walking for a decent distance at a decent pace. Other than that you should be able to do household chores but don't do anything too demanding or causing you too much strain. Good luck

  • thank you everybody for your answers , it has left me with alot to think about however i am so pleased with your comments just to know as long as i take it at a steady pace there is no reason i can't exercise , ;-). i have two dogs and housework non stop i have a 16yr old boy!!! but never seem to get any trimmer. I look forward to it now. Thanks again please take care everybody x jackie

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