Near the end now

Thank you everyone for you kind word thought and prayers,. Peter is now in a local hospice and is very relaxed out of pain and sleeping most of the time , I have slept in a bed at home and not in a chair beside him in hospital the staff in ward c4 at. Royal Blackburn have been fantastic and looked after both of us this last week David (I think he is a senior nurse) pushed Perers bed into. The visitor area in front of the big window there so Peter could enjoy the view. He spent the whole day there with a big smile on his face That has made a wonderful memory for me and the family and I can't thank David and the rest of the staff enough it's a shame it take a tragedy to show us the kindness of strangers, I don't think it will be long now for Peter but needed to thank all you wonderful people out there .Keep looking forward and bless you all from Peter and Jan xxxxxx

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  • So sorry. This has really made me sad but I am glad he is at peace. Wishing him comfort and you all too.

    Kind regards


  • Bless you both, I will be thinking of you both. Its very beautiful he got to sit and smile and feel loved, very beautiful. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  • so glad to hear the peter is not in pain and has your love. looking out the window at the heavens above, god bless you both, love grace x❤️

  • You've been a good friend! All my best wishes for you all. Out thoughts are with you. Xx

  • Hugs xx

  • Jan..I wish you peace and comfort during this time, and for Peter..I wish him safe passage home.

    Sending love and encouragement


  • We will say a prayer and light a candle today and take time to contemplate the way life comes and goes but his soul will live forever

    Good luck

    David and Anne

  • dear Jan thank you for letting us know how you and Peter are doing - I have been thinking of you both very often these last days. I'm so glad that Peter is in no pain and in a place with kind and loving carers. I wish you and your family strength and love for yourselves, each other and Peter. Blessings and may you find peace xxxx

  • So sorry I didn't know haven't been on hear for some time God bless u both and take care ricky

  • You are both in my thoughts ❤️

  • Thinking of you both and hope the days ahead are filled with peace and time to remember the fond memories you share.

  • God bless you and Peter, keep strong, xxxxxxxxxx

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