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3 month update

Hi all well it's been 3 months since I've posted. Hope everyone is doing well.

My partner has been in and out of hospital over the last 3 months. Now home after emergency surgery for double hernia. Hopefully the pain will reduce .

His ascites seems to have slowed down. Not had a drain since May 11th and whilst there's some fluid a drain isn't needed at the moment. Is this a sign that his liver maybe repairing?

Also have been awarded pip . Standard for care and mobility. Dissapointed but grateful. Has anyone appealed against standard and won?

He continues to lose weight. Now 4 stone lighter since Dec. Hoping now the 1 hernia is sorted and the ascites has improved he may get his appetite back?

We have consultant appt next week to review and they were looking to refer to transfer as he has now been abstinent for 6 months.

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Hi there. I'm not sure about his liver repairing?

Asites can come and go in waves. I went 18 months without a drain, then suddenly I was in every three weeks, then every ten days.

I'm guessing the weight loss is def. helping, as his diet is probably much improved.

Great news on the six month abstinence. Is he an alcoholic? Every day sober is a miracle! Also. There is a wonderful free App called Steps Away that works all over the world. It tells you where the nearest meetings are in your area and dates and times! It's great for people newly in recovery!

Hope all continues to go well, and his pain gets better soon!

Cheering you on!



Hi thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the weight loss isn't good he is severely malnourished we have appt this Friday to see about refer for transplant. This is a worry as weight loss was a huge concern at the last appt and he has lost a good 2 stone since then. Rarely has any appetite yet when he does he is nearly always sick after. Think he will get feeding tube soon. He has just come out of hospital again. Emergency surgery for strangulating hernia and struggling to get over that at the moment. He is in a lot of pain tonight and thinks he may have an infection.

Loved to have a drink but more of a binge drinker. His weekends would start on a Friday evening with little let up and rarely made it in to work most Monday's! Saying that he never drank tues to Thursday. I blame alcohol for this . Just before he was ill we were away in the Dom republic and 2 weeks all inclusive is what I believe tipped his liver over the edge.

The one good thing to come out of this is he says he won't ever drink again. I've said as soon as I see him with one then I'm gone. Hard as it sounds but it's having a major effect on my life too.

Hope you are keeping well



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