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Hep B with cirrhosis - update after 3 years

Hi all,

I registered here over a year ago as I was probably suffering from a depression due to the fears and anxiety after having being diagnosed Hep B with cirrhosis. Many thanks for many kind words, I have been feeling reasonably well. Here is my update:

Initially, my fiberscan reading was pretty bad: 47. The consultant tried to comfort me by saying it was not the highest score she had seen.

After 3 years of treatment, I was recently told to have a fiberscan and the reading was 7.9. I asked if I could ever get it below 5, which is the threshold to determine whether a liver is healthy or not in terms of stiffness. The consultant could not rule out the possibility. I was very happy to say the least.

If you also suffer from cirrhosis caused by Hep B. Healthy life style is very important. Don't stop doing exercises all together I was told by my consultant. I also take Milk Thistle tablets. Two capsules with the medicine I am on and two in the evening. I hope it helps. The biggest challenge so far has been the emotional burden caused by the condition and I hope I will eventually deal with it.

Thanks for reading!

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What a result! That puts you in F1-F2:

Have you cured the Hep-B?

Congrats on a long a healthy future!


Hi, ralph,


Unfortunately, it is very rare that Hep B can be cleared completely at this stage. There are few lucky ones, but I was told by my consultant in the beginning that it was impossible for me (I think it is to do with the genotypes of the Hep B). By the way, I am on Tenofovir.

Now, Hep C can be cured completely with the new drug (Harvoni or Sovaldi). I am waiting for such miracle for Hep B patients.


Such splendid news!

What is milk thistle tablets used for?



Hi Pear,

Milk thistle is a herbal supplement. It is also eaten as vegetable in Europe.

I have attached a Wikipedia link for you to have a read.


Hi Pear

Not sure how it helped in my progress, but I also take Milk Thistle as a supplement, it is actually prescribed in some European countries for liver disease. Should probably ask Consultants advice. Best Wishes. A xx


We are going in again this week... So will ask :)

Thank you!


Very good news Timothy. I also have Hep B and cirrhosis and have been taking Tenofovir for about 3 years now. I was a 12kpa when I had my fibroscan, so thats early cirrhosis and confirmed my biopsy. I've not had another fibroscan so dont know if it has improved, but I did have another biopsy a few years later which suggested some of my liver had no cirrhosis. I did take Milk Thistle for a while but found it had no effect on my liver enzymes at all, so I stopped. Oh and the liquid Milk Thistle is preserved in alcohol, so thats a no no. Always a good idea to run past your specialist any alternative meds or vitamins you are taking so that they are aware in case your blood test results change.


Hi is this still active? Badly needed answers


What would you like to ask? You can start a new thread to attract more readers perhaps?


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