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Blood test concerns

I had a blood test yesterday and normality I call the surgery in a few days for the results. But, I got a call this afternoon and the receptionist said my tests were 'normal' but the gp wants them repeated in 3 months. I suffer with chronic liver disease and cirrhosis but it's compensated and has been for the past 4 years. Am I being silly or am I right to be concerned that they called me and instead of a test every 6 months they want to do one in 3?

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Maybe your numbers climbed ever so slightly, its great your news is still all in the safe levels. Eat, exercise, rest and do not worry. You will be fine in 3 months. Just take care of yourself. Best Wishes


Oh my gosh! We could be sisters! I worry about everything regarding my pbc! But, cool it! Relax and enjoy your life! You are in my prayers.


Update : I went to hospital yesterday to see my specialist and it's all good news. My test showed my liver in compensating well under the circumstances and my results were better than my test taken a few months ago. Also I've lost 2 stone due to my strict healthy diet and instead of in a couple of months he doesn't want to do another endoscopy until 2018! All sounds to good to be true.


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