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Any advice on being around anti-vaccinationers??


My wife has been experiencing "atypical" rejection since Oct 2015. She had her tx in Dec 2014 for acute liver failure (seronegative, e.g. unknown cause).

After pulsed steroids, the rejection came back again in March 2016. She was then given ATG (severe immunosuppression) and is now on many types of anti-biotics/fungals/virals - even with that she's had multiple CMV infections.

The ATG didn't work, so she had plasmapheresis - as the rejection could have been caused by antibodies (quite rare - King's only see 1 or 2 cases of this per year).

So my wife is now extremely immunosuppressed. King's even advised she wears a mask in public places.

So to my question: A close family member is into alternative lifestyles and therapies etc (I am totally against, and totally for modern medicine). She has a young child who has purposely not been vaccinated - any advice on whether the child should be near my wife - even if he doesn't have any symptoms? It's starting to cause a bit of family friction, but I have to put my wife's health first...

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Good people will come to understand that you and your wife are struggling for her life. I would simply explain my concerns and feelings, with time they will understand or they will not. Some of your family surely will understand. I am very ill and I simply do whatever it takes to keep going. I am doing well because I put myself first. I am good to no one ill or dying or dead. Focus on your wife and yourself. I am sorry she is so ill. I hope she improves. Liver disease is life threatening. It has nothing to do with right or wrong, we are all struggling here. Be kind but they may have a lack of understanding about this disease. I find most do not even understand when I try to explain so I keep it simple. I say things like I would love to join in but I am unable to, not enough energy which confuses folks because I can easily cycle 20 to 40 miles some days. I save my energy, my last bit of health for myself and who I want to share it with.


Strangecarr, how are things? I've been thinking how the treatment has been going?

I think you really need to speak and tell your relative clearly. The last thing you'd want is for your wife to catch some nasty infection and make things worse than they are. We are talking about her life here. Just politely approach them and explain the situation and the risks involved.

I think in situations like this, we have no choice but to be completely honest and clear. I remember when I was in hospital and I had sepsis straight after the surgery, the relatives had to be told that visitors have to be kept to a minimum. I have a large family and I'm Asian so you know the large families we come with.

If they love you, they will understand.

Good luck


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