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Worried about sister

I have AIH and PSC but am asking for help for my sister. After feeling unwell with a possible water infection,which was negative,she had a blood test. The only two results she gave me is bilirubin 75 and ALT 1100,she tested negative for hep a,b and c. She is waiting for a referral to specialist but doc does not seem worried.

I am worried as I know what I went through,she is muddling through but feels sick,has no appetite and I think she is losing weight.

Has anyone any experience or advice ? Her symptoms are not as bad as mine were but I am concerned. She has no health problems,doesn't smoke,rarely drinks and is a size 8.

Thanks x

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Hi, with Bilirubin at 75, I would think that she is looking rather unwell, the alt as you say is high. When you say that the Doctor isn't unduly worried, a lot of GPs don't understand many of the more serious ailments and often don't react as they should. You have to be firm with the gp and insist on seeing the consultant soon.

This must be awful for you on top of your own problems.

Mike X


Thanks so much for taking time to reply,will tell her to get on to go

Thanks again

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That should have said get in to get GP,sorry

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