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I had a liver ultrasound and was told that I have a bit of fat on my liver. He also said that there was nothing sinister and as long as I changed my diet/alcohol intake then its all reversible. I understand this bit but I have also read that you can't detect fibrosis or inflamation caused by NASH from an ultrasound. How can they say there is nothing sinister or serious when fibrosis could potentially be very serious and cant be seen from an ultrasound. I am still waiting to see the doctor but the sonographer was adamant that there was no serious damage.

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  • The ultrasound is just one of many tests needed to assess the liver. Others include blood tests (numerous!), fibroscan (to look at any fibrosis), other forms of imaging etc. What I would advise is that you write down a list of all your questions, as hospitals are very good at making your mind go blank! Take a good friend to the appointment when you do see the doctor and ask the friend / relative to take notes for you. The ultrasound is a useful starting point in the investigations -and it will certainly be a good idea to watch your diet and cut down on alcohol - or have none at all. Good luck!

  • thank you... I have mildly elevated ALT (80) and haven't drunk for a couple of months so hopefully will go back to normal.

  • Do you think perhaps they caught you at the stage before the liver begins to atrophy and its ability to function is compromised? It siunds like it. I think it sounds like a blessing but I do understand your conern and worry. Good luck.

  • Hello,

    Im a long time liver patient who hopes to help you understand the most amazing organ in your body, the liver. Myself I have had liver disease for over 30 years. The only organ in your body that can rejuvenate is your liver, damage comes in grades and a fatty liver is caused by diet, being overweight and alcohol use but is not an overhaul serious issue , as long as you ie change your diet, stop all alcohol intake ,this amazing organ will rejuvenate. Milk thistle is a fantastic supplement and helps cleanse our liver along with natural healthy diet, beetroot is amazing for your liver. Now you know please start looking after yourself if you are overweight a diet WILL help. x

  • Thanks for that.... my concern was that when you start reading about it, you read that the next stage is fibrosis and an ultrasound doesn't pick it up. Strange then that the guy doing the ultrasound said that there was nothing to worry about long term. Appreciate your reply.

  • I know it's a very scary organ once it fails right. I had myself in the transplant vision from the start :D took me years to understand, years to calm down, years to treat this wonderful organ in my body with respect. A fatty liver IS a warning sign it will heal and if ou do not change your lifestyle, weight ect it will keep getting fatty, it is a warning of trouble ahead but it is your chance now to heal yourself. x

  • Wise words from berlington . 👍

    Good luck and take care of your Liver. I'm so pleased you have been alerted to your Liver being fatty. Others are not so fortunate. Good move that you posted on here.


  • Low levels of fat are not detectable on an ultrasound. The fact that the u/s has picked up something means you have have some fatty ingress not necessarily fibrosis. If you're that concerned go and get a fibroscan which is more accurate. The best way to reverse fatty liver is diet exercise and abstinence or at least low alcholol levels. Sounds to me like nothing serious but be aware that if you don't make changes it could worsen not necessarily will worsen

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