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Hi, hope you are ok.  Just a quick question about the beta blocker I'm on.  Its called Bisoprolol and I was put on lowest dose a month ago.  I was suffering with being drowsy in the afternoon so I started taking it in the evening.  Yesterday I went doctors and he increased the dose  to 2.5 and I took this new dose at 8pm. I had 2 phonecalls and both people told me I sounded drunk.  I then sleep walked looking for my ex bofriend in every room.  Scared myself to death. I spoke to pharmasist who told me to book an appointment which I will.

Has anyone else has been on Bisoprool



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  • I took it for a while but could only tolerate 1.25 taken at night otherwise I was more spaced out than usual. There are others so it's just a case of finding one that suits you.

  • Hi Jules have been on Bisoprolol along with several more pills for many years...take 10mgs per day usually in the morning...last year I went to my Doctor with dizzy spells..they sent me for several scans but no-one has ever linked it to any of the drugs that I take let alone the Bisoprolol...your e- mail made my ears prick best pal has been saying for ages that my liver conditition has been exacerbated by my pills.. Rob xx

  • Hi, the pharmacist told me this morning that Bisoprolol can cause sleep disturbances.  It was suggested that I book an appointment with Gp for him to decide to change it.  It was the hepatologist who advised my Gp in writing which beta blocker he would like me to go on.  So, for it to be changed it will mean another letter or e mail from my Gp to hepatologist which can take a long time.  I will persevere.

    thanks for that


  • If its for your portal hypertension i hear of more people on Propranolol instead.

  • Yes I was on propanolol for years. I couldn't say if it made me drowsy because that's also one of symptoms of Cirrhosis. 

  • Hi, thats the probem as to it being either a side effect of cirhossis or beta blocker but It's never been as bad as this.  Also I've started dribbling in my mouth so have been given Kwells (hyoscine hydrobromide) for this. Ive counted 12 items of meds to take each day now which is a lot for the liver to break down.  I'm keeping a diary so I can see if there is a pattern.  I'll give it a week and see if hepatologist informs my doctor that I can go on proponal which seems to be widely used.



  • Hi Jules45 you poor thing you're in a bit of a pickle but to let you know that Kwells will definately make you drowsy I work in a pharmacy and some people actually buy them as sleeping tablets!! So they definately won't be helping your tiredness. 😴

  • Hiya, thank you for that.  It is kwells I have been taking and I didn't think about those making me do strange things in sleep. It does say on box they can make you drowsy so you could have hit the nail on the head.  Thanks ever so much for that

    julie x

  • hi there I have just had cirrhocic ,and wonderd how you are coping with it ,im feeling light headed most of the time and worry if I will keep living for long without a transplant thanks giles111

  • Hi Bolly, It was quite scary last night to say the least.  I wondered why I wasnt given propanolol which seems to be widely used in portal hypertenson and to help stop the need for more banding. (yuck)  I will give this dose a week and get GP to organise with hepatologist a change to proponalol if I get any worse although it can't get any worse  than this.  Thanks bolly


  • In America, many doctors prescibe the drugs they choose for us by what company is paying them off to sell their drugs to us. I am not saying it has happened to you but I would insist if I was on a drug that caused me the concerns your medication does.  I would just say, change it today, I need a beta blocker for my varicies and I cannot take the one you prescribed and I want Propranalol. I do not want to walk around worrying about this or about my varicies bursting and bleeding. Wishing you luck.

  • yes you are right those pharmaceutical companies pay doctors to write out scripts for their drugs its terrible.

  • Propranol, I am on for two years, I do not notice it at all. Its my only medication I have to take. Its the smallest amount that can be taken. Good luck.

  • Hi, all of the messages that have been sent to me on this subject have helped, so thank you everyone for responding.  It's not nice especially as I don't drink to talk rubbish on the phone after taking it and the person could easily think I've hit the booze judging by the complete rubbish I say and the sleepwalking last night.  To a certain degree I do think certain tablets are given with an insentive to the drug company as at the moment drugs for depression are medicated using either Mirtazapine (which I can't take) but there is a more expensive version which dissolves in the mouth called Zispin, the mirtazapine in its cheap version makes me want to drown myself so I have the more expensive Zispin which doesn't, also another depression drug is Risperidone which should be used for hallucinations and treatment for dementia and hearing and seeing things but it is given for depression! Considering I have begged for a beta blocker for 1 year plus, I'm just grateful as I was banded twice last year.  I assumed I would be given proponalol, so perhaps this one I'm on has only just been pushed by the drug company.  I dont want to sound cynical though.  I'm due to take it at about 9pm so hope tonight will be a better night.  I also woke this morning with pins and needles all over so I couldn't walk and get out of bed for ages.  My heart rate was too high when I saw gp so the dose was upped.  Resting heart rate 110bpm is normal for me but it needs to come down so I'll keep taking until I see doctor again.  Thanks for all your replies, caring and kind as usual.  

    julie x

  • respiridol is also a drug used for schizophrenia. and is an ant psychotic, they are the most evil set of drugs i have ever taken. i was on olanzapie (zyprexia) in the same family. i put on 5 stone in weight my feet were on fire i could hardly walk. and other terrible things that would only happen to a lactating mother.., and im in my 60's. it took me nearly 2 years to get off them and they also shrink the brain within 2 weeks of being on them. coming off them is the worst thing i have ever experienced in my life the fear and feeling like suicide is terrible the dreams also. every thing about those anti psychotics, for me was unbearable. i got while being on the hep c treatment as i was hallucinating. i should never have been given those drugs as i was only on the treatment for 6 months, doctors get paid by the pharmaceitcal companies for giving out there drugs. i know because im in a fellowship where i know a doctor there and even she told me.this was the worst time of my life. i was afraid to go to bed because of the dreams and i would wake up terrified with loops of fear going through my head. i see they are promoting those drugs on television now, its there new agenda to make us think that its fine to take them.

  • Hi, very interesting reply, thank you.  I go along with what you said and sympathise with what you have been through.  I used to be given all sorts for depression including anti epilepsy drugs, anti psychotics and drugs for schitzophrenia and I was just depressed.  That was an old psychiatrist I used to see before the new man came and he prefers not to prescribe unlike his predecessar who gave tablets out like smarties.  Side effects appalling, I went down to 4 and a half stone and hovered at 5 stone for a year then stayed at 6 stone until liver disease taught me the value of nutrition and now I need to go on a diet!  My swollen stomach is what I want to get rid of.  My spelling on this has been awful as I cant spell certain medical terms. best wishes and thanks.  Nice to have your post.

    julie x

  • do you eat good vegetable for your liver jules. i do a lot of juicing. i'v read about people on here who look after their liver with a great diet and hardly any medicine, as they all have side effects. its amazing what the right foods can do for your liver. i had hep b 44 years ago and have never had a drink for 28years or hard drugs for 30 years. i also had hep c. i must have had it for years about 25 at least as i only found out 25 years after i stopped using and it wasnt heard of in my drug days. but i'v looked after my liver and been juicing sporadically. i now do it regularly as it does help. i feel im on the way to what you'r suffering so thats why i read the posts but iv not reached that point yet, its just that your so young, and are having such a hard time. i reallly feel for you and if i can help with ideas then thats all i want to do.i have been very lucky to have lasted so long without the complications of varics and HE but i feel thats because of the food and vegetables iv been eating and drinking. and not drinking alcohol as i think thats the worst thing i could do for my liver.

    love grace xoxoxo🌹❤️

  • I'm on carvedilol with no side effects at all. Bisoprolol sounds a tricky one, our doctor actually prescribed those for my 16 yr old son for sweaty hands! I had a shock luckily I work in pharmacy so knew what they were and thought it was a bit extreme so wouldn't let him take them.

  • Carvedilol is what I take too and doesn't seem to have that bad a side effects. X

  • Hi I have been taking 2.5mg bisoprolol in the morning for about 4 years, at first I was very tired and had "heavy legs" it was an effort to walk! I gave it time and now I feel fine, I cycle daily and walk for ages with no feelings of weariness, I think it might just take time to adjust, I'm glad I persevered, so much better than my symptoms before I started the beta blockers, but as many have commented there are alternatives out there, you just need to ask your gp to try something different. Good luck with finding something that suits you.

  • Hi, thank you for such a positive response.  Whether it was psychological or not but I felt invigorated for the 1st couple of days of taking 1.25mg then when I took the 2.5mg dose I started with problems.  I took my BP and heart rate tonight and it was 98 over 62 with heart rate 99. My heart normally rests at 110bpm so no significant reduction after all of this.  Taken dose tonight and nothing untoward has happened so I shall see over the next few days what is what.

    Thanks and best wishes

    julie x

  • Hi Grace,

    Thanks for your message about diet. I must admit my diet is poor lacking in fruit and vegetables. I need to invest in a proper juicer and recipe book as I have a lovely greengrocer in my town and a Tesco 20 minutes away. That will be one of my goals.

    Thanks for advice

    Julie xx

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