Further complications

So my poor chap was so ill weds morning. Ended up being rushed into stoke hosp at 4.30am. Finally found out today that he now has a pancreatic cyst. Waiting for them to carry out procedure.

He is on morphine as the pain is so bad. Just seems to be one complication after another. On the plus side when the pain is being managed he seems a little like his old self. No idea how long he will be in hosp at the moment . One step forward  two steps back. Has anyone else gone on to develop this ? 

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  • Remember that he is himself on the inside. Pain makes us react in different ways. Stay focused on your positive thoughts. One day at a time. Keep yourself occupied.

    Fortunately I haven't had experience of a pancreatic cyst.

    I wish you well


  • hi hope hes better soon ive  found out ive got chronic pancreatitus on top of all the other things i complained about the pain for years they said it couldnt be the liver as you dont get the pain with cirrociss but haad a ct and then they see the pancreaise was not right so it isnt very nice at all but ive just learnt to live with the pain hoping hes feeling better soon ricky xx

  • Thanks for the reply. I've just got to hosp and he's telling me they think it is acute pancreatitis . No Drs been today so still a bit in the dark. Yesterday he was really quite chirpy. Today he is a proper grump and so uncomfortable 

  • yes not nice hope hes better soon if its acute it usually is alotta pain then subsides if its chronic like mine its pain all the time but a lesser degree until it fails then its not good day at a time with me is the oy way ive found with dealing with every thing ricky

  • Hi Ricky

    Thanks for the reply. How do you cope with the pain? He's on morphone at the moment. The one good thing from this is it may stop him smoking! He's been told by his consultant to stop . He was 60 a day. Got him down to 20 he's been around 5 a day in hosp so I'm hoping he will realise and stop. 


  • im not sure i just have got so used to it some days worse than others but always pain i guess cos ive got the other things wrong as well i dont concentrate all the time my legs are bad pain with odema my spleens enlarged so pain from that so i guess its been a coping mechanism over the years with it all hope hes better soon ricky

  • I wish your chap a speedy recovery. .My friend has had right side abdominal pain for a year and half now. And the Dr still don't know what it could be.he had 3 scans not shown up much.apart from having a fatty liver.he likes a drink.he said he not able to sit down in bath .to low, or on a low settee,as just to painful for  him .He was to scared to go through mri scan..but needs to get sorted I know..Sounds a bit like my friend has got..maybe same as your chap.xx

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