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Feeling sick all the time

I have had AIH  with cirrhosis for many years and was told about 2 years ago that I also have PBC. I have recently started feeling very sick from the time I wake up.  I feel as if food would help but it doesn't.  I have been taking Ranitidine since an ulcer was discovered in my stomach during a regular gastroscopy but a week later, after another gastroscopy, I was told it had healed with the tablets but to go on taking them. That was only a month ago.  It can't be gallbladder as I had mine removed years ago.

Could it be the PBC which is causing it?  Does anyone else have this sick feeling?  If so what do you do to allieviate it?  I'm using Gaviscon occasionally but don't like to use it too often and have been cutting down on fats with no benefit.

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Hello . I also have the problem with feeling sick. It is not every day - but I can go many days / weeks with feeling sick all the time. I keep a bowl by the bed  all the time - the sickness is there at about 2 am - but disappears by itself (no treatment) after a few weeks. I have cirrhosis with NASH  -the nausea and vomiting - and am not certain what triggers it. It is very similar to the sickness of many years ago, when I was pregnant. Like you I have no known cause or treatment.


Thank you Gamesmaker.  I'm pleased to say I am not actually sick but just feel nauseous.  My AIH is autoimmune as is the PBC .  I already had the cirrhosis before being diagnosed with AIH in 1997.  This is the first time I have felt quite like this.   I'm sorry to hear that you are actually sick--it makes you feel dreadful doesn't it  and in the night too---poor you.


I hope you are soon feeling better. Thanks for your good wishes.


Hi Koinonia. Yes I agree that the nausea and vomiting are not pleasant. I have NASH with cirrhosis and now have early Hepatic Encephalopathy. So I do not know if any of these diagnoses are the cause of the nausea and vomiting. I hope you are soon feeling better

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