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Liver Transplant Waiting Times


Hi Again,

My partner is still on the gastro ward but looking much improved. We have been informed that his consultant has indeed contacted our nearest transplant hospital about him.That was end of Nov 2015.

Just wondered if anyone could tell me approx. how long 'til they contact us. The ward doctor was unable to enlighten us as it's a separate hospital.3 months seems quite a long time to even get an initial appointment. I do however realise how very busy they must be.


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Do you mean how long do people wait to be called for assessment?

Jojokarak could probably answer this. I think it was a year after critical episode that she was called for assessment and then about 6 months after that that she was assessed and listed.

But everyone is different.

Hopefully some others with experience will pop in. Are you able to say which transplant centre, it may vary according to different centres.

RodeoJoe in reply to Bolly

It must be different. I went from going to hospital with liver failure and within weeks I was at the transplant centre. I'd had diagnosed cirrhosis for about 15 years before that.

h0b0 in reply to RodeoJoe

Luckily my partner was only diagnosed 9 months ago & on the mend at the moment.

h0b0 in reply to Bolly

Thanks 4 reply Bolly. The centre is St james. Leeds. The main reason for wanting to know is that his sister is willing to donate live liver if compatable.

RodeoJoe in reply to h0b0

That's interesting. Speak to the hospital and see what they say. I think that it's difficult for a male adult to do this, and is usually done on children and small females. Also as he's "on the mend" rather than in decline there might be a reservation to perform this surgery.

Keep us informed.

h0b0 in reply to RodeoJoe

Will do. I know that TV isn't real but medical shows do research. Last night on Holby a young female doctor tested to be a live donor for her father but wasn't compatable.

Bolly in reply to h0b0

I found an NHS proposal document online recently, and kept a copy, as questions about transplants come up frequently on here.

Some of what it says may help, or it may just confuse! I believe each patient case will be looked at and assessed individually, so there are no hard and fast rules about how long someone waits, but there are guidelines for the doctors to consider.

Such as: they divide patients into 2 groups. One group like Joe who would have been classed as ‘super urgent’ due to sudden liver failure and who might die within 48 hours unless transplanted. These always take priority over the 'elective' category and can be offered a donor liver from anywhere, even abroad i believe.

And ‘elective’ patients who have a more insidious course. Your partner h0b0 is most likely an 'elective' category. The availability of donor organs for this category varies from transplant centre to transplant centre and seems to depend on how many elective patients the centre has.

For the elective patients assessment for transplantation is one of making the most appropriate allocation of a scarce resource based upon the principle that donor livers should be placed according to greatest benefit. So organs should be allocated to patients who have at least 50% chance of surviving five years post transplant. That means they also look at things like are there any other health problems the patient has that might reduce their life expectancy, and with alcohol dependent patients they must commit to abstinence.

I dont know if this is current practice, but the guidelines say that patients should be contacted by their transplant clinic every month and every 3 months they renew their consent and suitability to be on the waiting list.

Its a long document, 21 pages, but i think what the above notes show is that the answer to your question is 'it varies'. But that the transplant centre staff should keep touching base with your partner while he is waiting.

Not sure what your husband has or what caused it. If alcahol causes his liver problem then a 6 month abstinence before they look at him

Hope that helps

h0b0 in reply to grumps

Thanks. He gave up drinking the day he was diagnosed. That's 8 months ago today.

Hi hobo it took about 5-6 months for my first appointment with Leeds after my consultant referred me. They will just send you an appointment so don't panic just yet hope you and your husband stay positive x

h0b0 in reply to jojokarak


jojokarak in reply to h0b0

Just wondering are you on Facebook as there is a wonderful group for Leeds on it

h0b0 in reply to jojokarak

No but I will be now. Thanx again.

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