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Is Cirrhosis and low kidney function related ?

My husband is in hospital just now, he had really bad Ascites and has already had 12Ltrs of fluid drained off yesterday. unfortunately his kidney function is down at around 30%. He had a kidney removed 15 years ago (cancer), and doctors have now found out he has another tumour on his remaining kidney which they are going to treat with Cryoablation (freezing the cells to kill them), I don't know if they will be able to carry out that procedure now because of the state of his kidney function.

I'm worried sick......

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When I was in hospital with extreme ascites they tried to drain but couldn't and they wasn't able to give me water tablets as they said my kidneys were impaired. I was only able to drink 500ml a day and have no salt at all. I have heard of other people having problems with kidneys as well as having cirrhosis. I am sure they will sort your husband out don't fret too much x


Hi my husband had 12 litres drain 10 days ago he will be going again on Tuesday to have another drain this is continuous he cannot take the water tablets because his sodium level is to low - when it goes up again hopefully he can start again because his legs are getting big with water as well difficult in walking we seam to walking a tight rope all the time - I hope everything goes well for you and husband


Thanks guys, trying to keep positive, I really hope his kidney function improves now that the fluid has been removed, he is meant to be going in for his pre op assessment on 23rd Feb, but I doubt they will do anything if it's still running at 30%.


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