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Cirrhosis & acute kidney disease do they go hand in hand?


Hello it's been awhile since I last posted, I've been managing my cirrhosis with a healthy diet and have managed to half my fibro scan numbers In a year.

I had a review wirh my Gp who informed me I have acute kidney disease.

I knew my kidneys were showing some problems as my bloods were showing abnormal readings. My hep nurse takes regular bloods and includes these at each 6month review. I've had a scan when I had my last liver scan that showed nothing to worry about so was a bit shocked when my doctor said he was updating my records and adding kidney disease.

I was wondering if others with cirrhosis have kidney problems too, is this common? Is there anything I can do to promote healthier kidneys?

Where can i find more information please.

Thanks for reading and any advice would be gratefully received x

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Hi Tinkerbell. I can say that certainly was the case for my husband unfortunately.

Have a look on the livertrust site and also the NHS site re cirrhosis ?


tinkabell3 in reply to Laura009

Hi Laura, it's really information on kidney disease I'm looking for advice on how to stop it getting worse?

I have the cirrhosis being well monitored but nothing for the kidneys as yet x

Hi Tinkerbell, are you taking any medication that might have caused this?

None that my gp is aware of. X

Hi tinka

I have kidney disease now and have had cirrhosis. But KD only developed since my TP. It’s not acute though as far as I know!?

They are thinking that my high blood pressure and diabetes may have contributed to it. They have changed my BP tablets to try and bring BP down...but it’s been high for 30 years and seldom completely right. Googling (!!!) - and all reputable web sites also state that both high BP and Diabetes can contribute to kidney disease. Do you have either?

That aside they have never said that my kidney issue is associated with my previous cirrhosis but of course no-one comes out with anything definitive - because I suppose they aren’t able to confirm for definite?

Good luck with yours 👍


Thank you! Yes I have high Bp, and have been on meds for quite a few years. Doctor says they are safe for my kidneys. No diabetes, no other meds other than inhaler for asthma. (Also safe for kidneys) My doctor is a bit baffled by it too.

I'm just trying to gather as much info as possible to do the best I can.

We have a great source here for cirrhosis. But with all the abbreviated terminology used and not knowing what it stands for I'm struggling to find any good info that I can understand.

Thank you for replying and wishing you well with your health x

Hi tinka

The tablets that are not recommended but I was in fact prescribed were amlodipine. They have been changed to ramipril.



Of course it doesn’t have to be the medication you take for high BP - it can just be the that if your BP isn’t well controlled it can adversely affect your kidneys. This I have learnt from some research I have done as I was obviously concerned myself!

It really is a minefield isn't it?

Hopefully I'll get some answers when I receive my results from more testing x

I'll post back here any info I find and share with you x

Good luck and thanks!

i am suffering from kidney disease too, doctor said i have a spot in my kidney high uric acid, and asked me to drink plenty of water and walking so that my body releases more sweat.

my symptoms are back and flank pain, muscle and leg cramps, chest pain and pressure, seems like my breath is being obstructed,frequent urination, high blood pressure nausea, can you please help me with this

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