A Couple of courses

I'm going to re-post these links for those of you that missed the previous thread regarding these courses, the second course has recently started, the first been and gone but I think still accessible.

Liver Disease: Looking after Your Liver


Liver Transplant: the Ins and Outs


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  • Fab 😘😘😘 I did the first one 😅😅 now on liver transplant one - very informative and interesting 😘😘 thank you for posting them xx

  • Registered for the first course. I obviously know a fair amount now but am keen to learn lots more. Great links, many thanks

  • thanks.... i signed up for looking after your liver... can't hurt!

  • Cheers I'm doing the liver transplant one now , you know than you think , but I am amazed with this short course , very beneficial to me in fully understanding the liver , some of its like a refresher course as we learn through our illness then transplant, but other parts are very educational, thanks for showing the link ))))))

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