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It was suggested nearly three years that my husband take the supplement Hepaguard 194. He has end stage liver disease/cirrhosis and his levels are currently pretty stable, he has six monthly ultrasounds and blood tests. There seems to mixed thoughts on the use of supplements and he currently takes Hepaguard 194 as well as Milk Thistle. Are these likely to have a detrimental effect? Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks, Anne.

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  • What is the cause of his liver disease. I've had a quick look at the ingredients. They seem to be mainly aiming to reduce cholesterol and provide antioxidants. Not sure what benefit Apple extract will have. Recent research shows that if you take artificial antioxidant supplements the body temporarily stops producing its own, which is not a good idea as this leaves us vulnerable to free radicals. A little bit of riboflavin is probably OK, but won't reverse cirrhosis. Personally I would say you are wasting your money and it's not going to improve his cirrhosis taking this, but if it makes him "feel" better, then carry on as long as you tell his doctors so they know what he is taking in case it affects his blood results.

  • Hi Bolly, thank you for your reply, very helpful and informative. Peter's cirrohsis was caused by Auto Immune Hepatitis. He is inclined to ditch both Hepaguard and Milk Thistle and see if there are any changes in his bloods at his next set of texts in May. Very interesting, if he takes those supplements prior to breakfast, he'll end up heaving and very uncomfortable, so you are obviously on the right track! Appreciate your time and trouble.

  • I've taken things like Milk Thistle in the past. I know when you are diagnosed it's often a wake up call re diet, lifestyle. I know AIH is not a lifestyle liver disease (i have it), but many of us want to be proactive between clinic appointments and not just pop the tablets the docs give us. 5 years ago when I was also diagnosed with liver cancer I went on a healthy eating purge, lots of fresh ingredients, no saturated fats, cut down on sugar, filtered tap water etc. It made absolutely no difference to my liver enzyme levels! The only thing that did was if I got a viral infection on top of the AIH which made them worse. So by all means encourage him to stay as healthy as he can with diet and gentle exercise, but my view is that pretty much everything you take in to your body - including supplements - is metabolised or processed in the liver. Don't give your liver extra work, give it less! If he gets gastric problems from them for goodness sake stop them, his body is saying no thanks.

  • Hi just read what you say about supplements.My husband is at end stage liver and he has another appointment with liver consultant this Friday. I will ask him about these things.

  • Thank you Chandler, that would be very helpful. Would you mind enquiring about Milk Thistle as well please? Peter takes both and we are in the US until end April. They seem to make him very queasy if he has them prior to eating in the mornings. Appreciate your help!

  • It I really tempting to get drawn into the idea of herbs and supplements, perhaps because there is little medication for cirrhosis. I think I must have taken just about everything going in my time. Now I believe they put more strain on the liver and are a waste of money except for any placebo effect. Doctors would prescribe them if they did any good.

  • Thank you mousehold, I think everyone is having the same thoughts. It's rather like clutching at straws which seem to be having more of a detrimental effect than beneficial so time to stop wasting our money! Many thanks, Anne.

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