NHS autoantibodies screen?

Hi everybody, I wish you all good

I'm very anxious as tomorrow I will probably get my results back for autoantibodies screen my GP ordered

I have thyroid autoantibodies which indicates early stage Hashimoto disease (thyroid autoimmune, still normal functioning thyroid)

What does "autoantibodies screen" by nhs typically include? I googled that as much as 45% of people with antibodies to thyroid tissue will have other antibodies including those indicative of PBC and AIH:(

I do have fatty liver confirmed by fibroscan

My ALT was 63, and other liver tests normal

My ALT a month later is 43. I am on diet as I'm overweight and eating mostly veggies now plus lean protein. Is it my diet positively affecting ALT or it's too early for it?

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  • The docs could be testing any or all of these, it depends what was requested. labtestsonline.org.uk/under...

    I'm sure your better nutrition and weight loss is helping to improve your ALT result, keep on doing what you are doing. Good luck.

  • I have had an Autoimmune Profile before on the NHS and it looks for all sorts of autoimmune illnesses (although I can't remember exactly which ones). It will see if you are suffering from any other illnesses. I have had Smooth Muscle antibodies which have been positive and then gone negative after a while and the doctors didn't seem concerned that it meant I was suffering with a particular illness. Also, I have had ANA which was positive, which is a general indicator of autoimmune illness, but, again, I have no other autoimmune illness apart from thyroid - it's non-specific - so don't worry too much.


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