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Given the interest in the planned storyline on Eastenders about one of the character's liver disease, I want to draw attention to an episode of the US Medical Soap "Grey's Anatomy". Series 11 episode 18 (available on Amazon Prime and maybe other places) was about the shooting of two brothers who were police officers shot during a bank robbery, and the possible organ donation decision having to be made by their mother. Not perfect but an interesting exploration of an often missed element in the process.

Too late to share with the wider community, I think, but I do see TV representations, however flawed, as being opportunities to raise issues against a background of interest but falling availability of organs.

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Nods..they also did a story on liver organ donation on the show Nashville...I think it was too soap opera-y but, it was interesting. I watched it last year while I was still waiting on my transplant. One thing for sure...they never show how difficult things are after surgery..what you go through. Most people. On the average, are in for three weeks..that's the average..and that first week and a half is rough..really rough. Getting used to a new organ, not to mention the pain..well, it can be daunting. Is it worth it? Of course. Lol. But one EVER talks about that. It is major surgery, after all,.

I wish they would show more of that. That's a storyline in and of itself.

Cheering you on,


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im a bit disappointed they picked Phil, because he was a full on alcoholic and most heavy drinkers dont drink to his level. It would have been better to pick someone younger to show you dont have to be an old alcoholic to get into Liver troubles from drinking. heck it could have a good idea to pick 2 people getting Cirrhosis.


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