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Hernia !!

Hi there all, I hope you have all had a good Christmas and will all have a wonderful New Year. I have a question to ask, I had my transplant August 2013 and now have a hernia where my scar is. I was wondering if any one else out there has had this. I am seeing 2 consulatants about this in January, the first is regarding changing my meds from Sirolimus back to Tachrolimus as they can't do the op while on the Sirolimus as it doesn't heal !!!, the 2nd to talk about having the op and what will happen etc. Has any one else had the hernia op, how was it, what did they do, did it help etc. Any information would be greatfully received. Basically is it worth doing???? Cheers all :) Keeping positive as ever :) eeeeeeek ;)

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Dizzime I had a hernia operation after my resection. I think they used a mesh. Well, I had the op but I still have the pain. The only thing is I know I have a high pain threshold. I think that when they Xray the hernia it matters where the hernia is as it can get strangulated and I am told this is not goodand in that case it is safest to have the op. I hope this may help.


Thank you Tatjana, its not so much pain I have (though i am on codiene) but that it is very uncomfortable, it's not too big in the morning but gets bigger as the day goes on. Will be seeing the Consultant on 14th Jan so maybe he will do a scan or xray or something then. Cheers :)


Hi dizzieme my husband had multiple hernias due to a lot of post operative surgery after transplant. .he now needs another op because he developed another huge hernia..he was told it needs done to stop complications. .His surgery went well the first time but we never expected him to need another one done just a few yrs later.

I think it might be easier on a woman as they are husband recovered quickly the first time round..hopefully it will be the same for husband will most likely get his done again quite soon.

Hope all goes well and you get a good result Xx


thank you, i'm going to see what the consyltant says on the 14th Jan, hopefully they will do some scans or an xray to see how bad or not it is beore i have to make a decision. really not sure what to do. x


Hello xxx

Yes - rob had transplant may 2014 and wound didn't heal and was basically left open 😩😩😩😩 (healing by secondary intention - and probably because I am a nurse 😢) until August 2015 !!!! When they decided it was time to do a 'scar revision' - when they did that they found a large 'incisional hernia' with bowel poking out ??? Rob didn't have any different symptoms but they didn't use mesh due to infection reasons - it looks ok - but as usual they haven't seen him since to see if it's healed ok 😫😫😫 they said he was to have appointment in 4 weeks after but as always we never got appointment and I can't be bothered to chase them up as he is ok (kings - we live in Bournemouth) - think it is quite common as its such a large scar - I wouldn't be to concerned and if they believe it's necessary then I would have it done xxxx they wouldn't bother putting you through surgery unless it was necessary - think Rob was in for 3-4 days and was supposed to wear a 'belt/corset' type thing for 6 weeks 😅😅 he lasted about 2 😘😘😘😘 hope that helps xxxx


thank you, i will have to wait and see what the consultant says on the 14th jan, hopefully i will have a scan and/or xray to see how it is looking. quite nervous about it but i don't want it getting any worse. cheers xx :)


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