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Jaundice due to cholangitic abscesses in liver ?

My mother is having neuroendocrine cancer in gall bladder metastasis to liver . One week back jaundice came to my mother , and when the ERCP is done, the doctor said that there is no obstruction inside the metallic stent and when the MRCP is done next there multiple cholangitis in the several right lobes(5,6,8) of the liver with micro abscesses along with inflammations and there is one large lesion of about 3.8 cm in sixth lobe. Doctor also said that the liver is enlarged and my mother also has esophagus varices of grade 3 saying that there is liver cirrhosis .

Currently my mother is undergoing capcetabine 500mg chemo tablet 3 times a day . The reason doctor said for the cholangitis in liver is due to the tumor in the livers I want to know whether the reason my doctor said is correct or my mother is having primary scelerosing cholangitis ?

when we took the PET CT scan on june it stated that " there is inhomogeneusly increased FDG uptake in the right lobe of the liver corresponding to patchy enhancements and peripherally enhancing lesions in the segment 8 - likely cholangitc abscesses " . my mother is having enlarged abdomen and bilirubin 10.5 and ALP is 426 and urine is dark in color and eye is yellow . If you want to know additional details, please let me know

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Hi FranCliP, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. It does sound like the cancer spreading from the gallbladder is causing damage to the liver cells and inflammation in the bile ducts. It could also be that the cancer is accelerating her PSC. (I am assuming she has already been diagnosed with PSC and that was the reason for the stent). It is a good question for her doctor.

Either way, it seems they are doing the right thing by fighting the cancer and monitoring the ducts to ensure there are no blockages forming.

I hope this helps somewhat. Your mother is lucky to have someone following her care so closely!


thanks for the reply chynablue , we don't know yet whether mother is having PSC , my doctor suspected that inflammation may be due to the cancer . whether cancer which has metastasized to liver will produce inflammation ?


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