Liver pain or gallbladder?

Went to Gastro recently and told him the diarrhea had abated and I had been dieting up until my daughter came to visit and I fell off the bandwagon, but I was going back on my diet, and I asked if I could have something for the stomach acid, which was bad during the whole time while dieting. So, he gave me a new script for generic protonix and I took it a couple days later and within an hour I was in pain. It wasn't so severe that I was throwing up, but I couldn't even lift up my purse it was so bad. I took a Tramadol that had been prescribed for my hip pain, but it barely put a dent into the pain. It took the edge off a little for a couple hours, then it was like I didn't take anything at all. It's been 4 days now and I've always had some pain from the liver, which is enlarged and fatty, but nothing like this. It hurts up into my right shoulder and its a sharp stabbing pain high up closer to the sternum with a dull ache too and it even bothers to be sitting with my back leaned up against anything or moving a certain way will cause pain. Anyway, how do you know if it's liver, gallbladder or even stomach that's causing the pain and I have an appointment with the GP Tuesday, but didn't want to go to the ER just yet and I'm trying to hold out til then, but it's hard. My sister and my mother both have had their gallbladder removed and my Dad and sister also have had ulcers. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Sound like gall stones to me but you should go to A&E if really bad - they can give antibiotics - test for pancreatitis ...... Only you know how much pain you are in - I've been there in massive pain a few times now - hung on to me gallbladder so far but one more time and I will get it removed.

  • I guess only professional tests can tell. I'd go to A and E as the GP will only make an appointment for hospital anyway.

  • Hi, like you, I didnt want to end up going to A and E but in your situation I would if you deteriorate in the next few hours or so. You have a doctors appointment though tomorrow at least which is a good thing but any troubles overnight you must phone an ambulance or get someone to take you to hospital.

    Wishing you all the best, you know your own body so do what you think is right for you,

    julie x

  • Thank-you all for the advice! I was reading on the net and came across some home remedies for gallbladder attacks, so I tried the one that many were swearing by with the 3TB of Apple Cider vinegar mixed with 8oz pear juice and lo and behold within an hour the pain was mostly gone. I've been feeling pretty good today and plan on taking another dose later tonight maybe the next couple of weeks. I see the Dr. tomorrow for our regularly scheduled visit, and will bring it up, but so far so good.

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