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Strange liver behaviour

Hi all, I wondered if you might be able to shed a little light on to a problem I have?

About 6 weeks ago I had some routine blood tests for another condition I suffer with and my GP called me in as one of my liver enzyme counts was incredibly high. Since then I have had blood tests checking my liver function every other week and my GP sent me for a liver scan to check everything was as it should be. My scan came back clear which I thought was a good thing but my latest blood test shows that although it has dropped a little (from 200 - 120) it should be a lot lower to reflect 'normal' levels.

I am on varying types of painkiller at the moment as I suffer with endometriosis but my GP doesn't seem to think that it is those that are causing the elevation.

I don't drink or take non prescription drugs....what could it be? I am being sent for more blood tests next week but I suffer with anxiety and the thought of having yet another thing wrong with my body is a little difficult to deal with.

Does anybody have any experiences similar to this that could may be shed some light on what the deal is?

Thanks in advance


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Do you happen to know which number it is that was high? If you have more details please post them as they would be helpful.

If it's just one number - possibly enzymes ALT or AST would be my best guess as those can indicate inflammation of the liver. Inflammation can be from a number of causes. Inflammation is not the same as liver damage though (which is scarring) which only happens if the inflammation has gone on for a long time or is very acute. If the cause of inflammation is stopped the liver can usually recover from any damage.

The fact that the number has gone down from 200 to 120 is a good sign, it may continue to drop for a while. Also the fact that the scan is clear and other numbers look normal is also a good sign.

They will be doing blood tests to rule out any chronic conditions. A number of different issues can cause these enzymes to rise - and a lot of them are temporary. It is also the case that these enzymes can rise from causes unrelated to the liver.

At this stage I don't think you should be too concerned, the news is mostly good rather than bad at this stage. It may just be something transient - if still high in a few weeks you may wish to ask if endometriosis can cause a rise in AST/ALT (depending on which was high). The reason to keep an eye over a few weeks is that the liver is a dynamic system so single snapshots can be misleading. They're not the worst possible numbers but it's right not to ignore them.

Do keep us posted but don't worry too much just yet. Medications can also cause enzymes to rise but your doctor seems aware of these.

Hope that helps to start with.

Best of luck

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Thank you that is reassuring to know.

I keep meaning to ask which enzyme it is that is raised but will make sure I ask at my next appointment.

I am on the endometriosis forum too and I asked if the two could be related. Someone on there assured me that this could be the case as the liver can inflame as a result of endo but my GP hasn't mentioned it as a possibility.

But your reply has helped settle my mind racing for now at least so thank you. I'm sure this wont be my last post!

Thanks again


You can ask at your GP's Reception for a copy of the results. this is your 'right' in the UK, and they shouldn't make any fuss. However, if they are busy they may not do it there and then, and there could be a charge for the photocopying, 'though mine don't bother - unless it's old stuff and involves a hefty search and significant amounts of the receptionist's time.

If you want guidelines on the significance of different enzymes, why not check the British Liver Trust site (link at the top of this page) and then phone/email to talk to an advisor.

Otherwise, I agree with Mister X, and it's good levels have already gone down so quickly. The liver can react to all sorts of things, then settles again.

Take care

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Oh bless you 😘😘😘 I have hysterectomy for endometriosis (best thing ever) - I am not 100% so I am sure someone will correct me 😆😆😆 Endometriosis is ??? Inflamed tissues possibly so one of the LFTs is a inflammatory one ?? ALT or ALP ?? If this is raised on its own it can be down to 'other' issues within the body that are causing inflammation !! not necessarily a 'liver' problem xx also I had considerable pain and lived off co-codamol (before hysterectomy) they won't be helping your liver (paracetamol ok but codeine not) - maybe something to consider - GP would be able to decipher from blood tests hopefully as you have another test that shows rise in inflammation ?? Just can't remember what one 😧😧😧 GGT is inflam and think CK for heart - ooh something reactive protein CRP !! Yay - remembered 😘😘😘

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