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Liver Pain, LFTs sort of normal and major pains on left side too!

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Hello all,

I am looking for some kind of reassurance and maybe some answers?

Back in July after having my 3rd baby in May. I had blood work done. Including LFTs. These all came back abnormal and high (I don't have the figures) except for ALP which was normal. I was send for an ultrasound that showed a fatty liver. Due to the pain I was having on my right side front and back, I was refered to a heptoligist. He advised I had been sent to him because I had a shadow on my liver. He ordered a repeated scan and more bloods. Between my first blood test and seeing the specialist I lost 2 stone, exercised twice a day and changed my diet completely!

Repeat bloods showed were normal appart from a rise in ALP at 115.

The scan showed my liver as completley normal.

I have had repeat bloods on a few occasions and my ALP had gone up and down. As of last week it was 110. My GGT is normal so my GP tested my vitamin D levels which are low at 34. I am now in VIT d pills. In reference to my pain on my left side my doctor seems to think it's irritation of the stomach lining an has prescribed omperazole. I'm not convinced as i still have the pains and they don't seem to be getting any better. I am waiting for the restults for AMA blood test (done at my request).

I have had all other bloods checked, hep screen clear, hiv clear, I don't drink. I am Breast feeding my baby. I did have an awful diet before this thou.

My GP has advised me to still refain from fatty foods and alcohol but stated that he thinks my liver is back to normal.

He is not willing to do MRI on my liver or fibro scan.

Can anyone tell me if it likely my liver is back to normal? Why do I still have really bad pains in that area? ( Dr thinks pulled muscle but I've had it for nearly 7 months!) and what could the pains on my left side be? (I've read about enlarged spleen and pancreas but my ultrasound didn't show any problems)

Thank you in advance :)

And merry Christmas

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fatty liver does cause pain for alot of people and ultrasound isnt a great way to check for liver damage, some mild fat wont even show up. GGT down is good news and your ALP didnt really go too high. I would insist on a Fibroscan, it the best scan to check your liver i should think.

I think I know where your going with this, google has probably scared the crap out of you. Enlarged spleen is a sign of end stage liver disease which I doubt you have! Also inflammation of the stomach can take months to resolve,mine is going after 6 months but getting better. Having a child also puts extra strain on the liver, so keep doing what your doing with diet an exercise and im sure it will resolve. Also keep in mind anxiety and stress can cause stomach issues and play tricks on the mind, isnt wasnt long ago I would start getting scarred about a pain on my right side, only to pass wind and the pain was gone!

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Thank you for your reply ralph2014. I will give the stomach tablets a bit longer to work then :) and in the new year I will ask for a fibroscan. Because my consultant wasn't at all worried my doctor doesn't seem to be either. But pain is surely a sign that something isn't right and shouldn't ne ignored :(

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Gems, definitely keep an eye on it, dont let it go if its bothering you. A Fibroscan can hopefully end your fears. The thought of having end stage liver disease is something that had me nearly fainting not long ago, i didnt sleep for 3months in panic, so I know how scary it can be, doubly for you with kids to think about!

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Have you been checked for hemochromatosis. It's a high iron disease that affects your liver also.

I have been miserable myself for 2 yrs & so feed up with getting no answers. They haven't found anything through a gastorologist other then being inflamed . BUT I have a family history of hemochromatosis & it's very hard to detect in women .

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Hi Gems. You have two options, I think. Accept the GPs advice and keep taking the pills, or change your GP and start again.


I had abnormal liver readings after having my 2nd child...30 odd years ago. I wouldn't worry too much, pain on left hand side can be annoying and does take ages to go away. I would ask your GP to keep an eye on your liver function tests at least once a year.I believe they do this but make sure they do, just in case anything arises in later years. Have a great worry free Christmas with your family

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Thank you bestiebabe, I just want to be able to stop worrying. I've done nothing but for nearly 7 months :( I will try and worry less over Christmas :) merry Christmas to you :)

Hi Gems,

Glad to hear the ultrasound was clear.

I think you can have a free fibroscan done if you can book - in time - at one of the Liver Trust 'Roadshows' when they are near you - not sure if that is the right term, and don't know any more details, but it might help put your mind at rest.

Also, it's good that you persuaded him to do an AMA test (don't understand why he didn't do this originally) if the result is +ve then you may have more chance of getting more tests.

Take care.

Elevated ALP on its own can be indicative of bone damage. If its a liver problem it's usually in conjunction with raised GGT or other liver enzymes. Some medications can elevate ALP on its own. Are you taking calcium along with the Vit D and is the Vit D D3? It can take many months for any liver damage (in your case perhaps mild due to weight issue couple with pregnancy) to normalise. Your pain could be diet related or food intollerance related or something like IBS. If it was a spleen problem that would show up in your platelet levels, which I guess are normal so nothing to worry about.

this could be gallstones as it does cause pain in the right upper quadrant and also on the left side to. i would ask for a scan to rule out gallstones. is the pain worse after eating? if you google gallsones you will see that the pain is mostly in the upper right quadrant and also round the back under the shoulder blade and also the tip of the should blade also. and it can feel like your having a heart attack as some people also get pain on the left side, wishing you well. i see this is the one thing you have not had checked. gallsones can also cause the liver readings to be deranged. good luck.

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