Just a cold?

Hi all, just want some advice on my husband....he was diagnosed with cirrhosis in June and us steadily improving, bilirubin levels are going down again now after he had a few drinks in September.

The last few days he has developed a real cough, and seems poorly today, very tired and says his head is fuzzy. Do you think this is 'just' a cold and unrelated to his liver condition?

He has come so far and is determined not to drink again, the set back in September has scared him and he says feeling like he has isn't worth it. I just hate seeing him like this, but I'm wary of putting everything down to his liver illness.


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  • There are two things to consider here: firstly, continue to support him in not drinking at all because his liver will deteriorate if he does so; secondly, get a doctor's appointment re all other symptoms. It may be just a cold but it may also mask other causes. A visit to a sympathetic GP will either reassure him or identify any more serious concerns - much better than trying to ignore them.

  • Hi could be just a cold but if he is really drowsy and hard to wake to emergency. This happened my husband earlier in the year. It is important to check he doesn't have an infection particulaly if he has ascites x

  • My husband has a cold all the symptoms runny nose etc I am trying not to panick about his liver he has a drain on Thursday he won't go to the doctors yet but if you can get your husband there it might make you both feel better Mike is right

  • Thanks guys. I suggested trying to get an out of hours appointment at the weekend but he is seeing the alcohol liaison nurse at hospital today so wanted to wait until that.

    It's the first time he's had a cold since diagnosis and it's just another thing to learn to deal with I suppose, my instinct is to panic and lay awake half the night to check that he's breathing...

  • I do that Mrs T it is stressful then I saying are you alright what do you want to eat to try and put his weight on this web is good if you need help someone will gave information all the best

  • He's been to his appointment and had a chest X-Ray, as they say it may be fluid on the lungs, waiting for the hospital to ring back. He may need to go back and stay in, which he hasn't had to yet. His blood results are going down still, so that's a major positive, I just hope this isn't a serious set back.

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