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Looking for some guidance

Hi have hypothyroidism and IBS. Lately had a cold/viral infection couldnt shift for 6 weeks. In august my then gp wanted to test my liver as i was complaining about tiredness when they felt i was optimally dosed for my under active thyroid. Over the last 3 months my LFTs were as follow

Range is to 35

Mid Aug 78 ALT doc concerned talking about autoimmune hepititus

End Aug 51ALT

Early Sept 31ALT

Today 140 ALT and different doc said oh well its your cold. I wasnt happy ao im challenging that.

My stools have become as yellow now as they were when my ALT 78. It feels to me like i cant process fat.

Repeat bloods on tuesday

Any thoughts or similar experiences or things i should be asking would be helpful to hear.

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What cold symptoms are you suffering and have been suffering for 6 weeks? Runny nose, temperature, cough? Of is it fatigue that you have rather than a cold?


Bolly,had all the cold symptoms you listed on top of my usual fatigue through hypothyroidism which has been monitered since may.


Since may for hypothyroidism. 6 weeks with cold


The cold virus is self limiting and usually gone in 10 days to 2 weeks. Whatever you have had for 6 weeks may be something else. other conditions that have cold like symptoms include sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, gastric reflux, asthma if you have a persistent cough, CFS and many others if it includes a fever, etc,the list is endless. The thyroid issue makes people tired, but doesn't commonly give cold symptoms. It's back to the GP for further investigations of that "cold" that isn't a cold!


My stools were yellow so I had a fibro scan the results came back severe fatty liver disease over 66 percent contain fat I don't drink but I foolishly took anabolic steroids for 10 years I avoid eating fat it makes me deathly ill


Hi dw12- i had an ultrasound for my liver and nothing showed. You had a fibro scan- im not up on what different scans are able to identify-but from my reading today not sure an ultrasound is the be all and end all of scans.


Hi you are correct the Fibro Scan is more sensitive and measures liver stiffness in kPa and it can also measure the fat content dB/m. My fatty liver was seen on a Cat Scan which led me to the Fibro Scan.


I just been diagnosed with pbc.. And porphyrya.. Truly gutted. I'm a fanatic of weight training and just done 2 bikini comps. Was gluten free as symptoms 3 years ago suggested I was gluten intolerance when all along it was pbc.. Was on clean diet for this long til my body couldn't function.. I had to stop training and got also huge memory issues.. Undergoing mri as I have convulsions too.. All this from pbc.. I' don't drink alcohol.. I'm trying to work out how my body failed me

.autoimmune disease is here too and I have all symptoms of lupus. But doc thinks it's all from pbc.. What did they diagnosed you with and how long was you on anabolic... I'm 42


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