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Decompensated cirrhosis

Thanks for all your advice much appreciated I am glad my brother has been to doctors he was told that the nose bleeds are not a major concern but to monitor them he also got results of blood tests he had done 10 days ago which showed his liver count was up and kidney count down not too sure what that means but doctor now going to be doing bloods every 2 weeks to kept an eye on him Doctor has also said any problems just to phone cirrhosis is a difficult illness to get your head around I am the type of person who likes a straight forward answer just wish the doctors could say ano however they can't as every person is different

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Yes, very true about it not being straight forward. Before my transplant I struggled to understand how far gone I was. There's no line in the sand test result that can give you any indication of how ill you are. When some results look better, others can look worse. And as you start living with it for years, you start compensating for how you feel. And never get a real understanding of how ill you are.


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