I think cirrhosis is getting worse

My brother has decompensated cirrhosis with various complications he is living with within the last week he has been having nose bleeds with clots daily and now he is having stomach and leg cramps he has lost all his muscle tone and looks terrible no energy. He has a appointment with the specialist in four weeks so he thinks he doesn't need to see the doctor before then. I am in a terrible position as I am not meant to know what the new symptoms don't know what to do

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  • A lot of people who have cirrhosis get nose bleeds and clots can sometimes come from the the nose bleeds and come up through the throat. .cramp in the legs and stomach pain are also common even in early stages of cirrhosis but I do think he should call his clinic and maybe get his appointment brought forward..if he is bringing up blood from the stomach he needs to go to A&E as soon as possible as it could be bleeding varices.

  • Nose bleeds can be caused by low platelets which is usual for cirrhosis.How is his blood pressure? He should check it out daily,higher than 120 is dangerous.In case of high blood pressure he needs beta blockers.High blood pressure can cause nose bleed.For cramps in the stomach homemade fennel infusion with dried fennel seeds can help.Soften in hot water,dried fennel seeds can be eaten as well.Lactulose helps stomach cramps as well sometimes,and peppermint tea.Leg cramps - you can try calcium magnesium supplement,sometimes it works,sometimes not,but it's the usual thing again.

  • Hi with end stage liver disease your brother will experience alot of symptoms nose bleeds cramps and can look unwell if he starts to vomit blood or has tarry stools then that's an emergency otherwise wait to see his consultant. I have decompensated liver disease and will always call my GP if I'm worried the GP can always refer him sooner.

  • To repeat what everyone else is saying. If there I blood in his vomit or stools get emergency treatment if it were me with these symptoms I would get to the nearest A&E or phone 999. Bleeding varices are an emergency, In fact that is what killed my late father, but he had pancreatic cancer not hep or alcohol related liver disease.

    Take care

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