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Hello All.

Does anyone know if Naltrexone is freely available on prescription in the UK?

I have asked my doctor about it and he stated that the surgery does not issue prescriptions for this drug due to funding issues. He also seemed reluctant to provide me more information regarding it's availability.

For those of you unaware, Naltrexone is a drug that diminishes the desire to drink alcohol in much the same way that Champix takes away the desire for nicotine (i.e. a stop smoking drug).

Many Thanks,


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Have you tried asking another GP? Or maybe seeing if you can get it on a private prescription.


Thanks for your comment. I shall make enquiries as to what you suggested.


Hi Paulio. Are you having trouble cutting down on the alcohol consumption? Have you considered but rejected support groups to help? Is there another drug that would work such as Campral or Antabuse which are also NICE approved.


Thanks for your comment Bolly. Yes I kind of struggle with my consumption in that for the most part i try and restrict my consumption but then at other times lose will power and succumb to "the drink" so my overall consumption is not healthy.

I have tried support groups but I never really warmed to that approach. I have heard of the other drugs you mentioned but have never tried them. The reason I would like to try Naltrexone is because i read that it works in a similar way to Champix and I have given up smoking by using that drug

is Naltrexone not an approved drug by NICE?



Yes Naltrexone is approved by NICE but you said your GP could not prescribe.

A year ago you were concerned you were having health problems due to alcohol. Perhaps you are still having problems and you are obviously aware you are drinking too much. Have you been able to understand why you drink too much and why you are unable to cut down or stay within advisable limits.

I'm concerned that if you don't get to grips with this, you will be back on here in the future worrying about liver damage. You already have had tests which show an elevated GGT which can indicate your liver has struggled with the alcohol.


Hi, I once had a problem getting a certain obtaining a certain drug from my GP. Funding was not the issue, the type of drug I needed could not be prescribed by a GP, so the consultant prescribed it I never had a problem..


Hi...have you tried contacting your local "Drug and Alcohol Recovery/Abuse Team" ? ...there is usually one of these in each borough and is an NHS service...I know from past experience (albeit 20 + years ago in my case) that this was offered by my local D&AT...try to find your local team...they are often found under "Mental Health" Services.



hi paulio x i had to go to my local drug/alcohol centre for drugs like that, if youre still having this issue with alcohol i recommend you go x they are really good, (well mine was) i had an amazing worker, anyway hope youre ok and doing well.


Doing very well thanks tammy and thanks for the information :-)


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