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Constantly vomiting

Hi everyone, hope you all are well, can anyone help with this please, I have cirrohiss child Pugh A doctors say which is meant to be good, although I have portal hypertension, massive varice in abdomen, massive to bleed in past, I have been vomiting on and off for over a month, feel very weak, drained, and totally unwell, I have been to gp on several occasions and he said it's due to liver and will have to wait to see my heptologist at Kings college on 29th June, bear in mind he told me this over a month ago, just wondered why I should be sick all the time, can't eat hardly anything decent like salads, veg, no meat, just yougurts some fruit and nuts, all the healthy foods make me feel sick at the thought of eating them, just annoyed with gp as he has left me so long, knowing how ill I am, has anyone else been though this. Annette

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hi I cant eat fruits and veg either but I find it more tolerable when I put the produce through a juicer


Thanks dw12 will try that !!!


Are you vomiting food or bile Angse.


Hi Holly

Both when I vomit bile, its just bile, and when I really get sick its food, but with the bile its loads of water as well, my mind boggles, how are you have not spoken to you I ages. Annette


I'm guessing if you are vomiting bile you have a blockage somewhere, either in your bowel or bile ducts. Best to ask your GP. The vomiting food, people with advanced liver disease find it difficult to eat 'normal' portions and tend to snack or graze through the day instead. You say you are living off yogurt, fruit and nuts? I would have thought the nuts would be hard to digest and the fruit, depending on what it is, in its whole form will have a lot of fibre, which again will be slow to digest. Without knowing what you fancy eating and what you dont its difficult to suggest what to eat. If it was me I would probably stick to what I call 'nursery' food, like soft boiled eggs or bread and butter or bananas or something. If you are losing a lot of weight due to the vomiting there are liquid foods available on the NHS like Fortisip which contain all the nutrients and calories you need in a liquid form. I would be reluctant to just drink juice or fruit juice as suggested above as that will contain a lot of sugar.


Dear Annette,

Bolly is right!

You must consult your GP - also do try the nutritional drinks - my husband is now on Ensure 2 cal juice - which he is tolerating.

Let us know how you are...



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