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NAFLD/Gallstones - now indigestion!

Diagnosed back in 2007 (at age of 40) after feeling very tired, and put on about 3 stone is so many months! Blood results showed triglycerides of 15, Cholestral 7.7 (with HDL of just 0.6) Gamma GT of 99 and ALT of 159! Also have high blood pressure. Now on various tablets, which have helped - Now my triglycerides are down to 3.9, cholestral 4.4 (with HDL of 1.0), Gamma GT of 38 and ALT of 66. Not brilliant, but considering where they were a lot better! Had scans at start and recently had further scans. The NAFLD has not progressed into anything more (no scarring yet!), but they did find gallstones. This may explain some of the other symptoms of diarrhea I've been getting. Yesterday I had chronic indigestion and despite taking Gaviscon I'm still suffering today. Is this something to do with the gallstones too? I also really struggle with my weight now (never used to before all this!) and ideally probably need to lose 4 stone, but it's just not shifting. I'm waiting for a knee replacement so cannot exercise very well.

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Bless you xx from what I can tell your bloods look great xxxx my hubby has HCV - liver transplant last May and his AST is 204 and GGT is 357 (Drs not concerned) so think you are doing really well - before transplant he suffered badly with gallstones and stomach problems - vomiting/diarrhoea/pain - they wouldn't remove Gall Bladder so he had to suffer (with minimal pain relief) although I remember him being given 'cholestyramine' ?? Which I think is for 'gall bladder' not sure 😝😝 - since gall bladder gone he hasn't had anything similar 😀😀 definitely worth speaking with GP/Consultant - as you have NAFLD they have probably encouraged a 'low fat' diet which should help - would be better to have gall bladder removed before it becomes a bigger problem xxxx good luck xx


HI there!

I 've just recovered from having my gall bladder remover, and having been on quite a journey have to say this to you: if Gaviscon doesn't help your pain GO BACK TO YOUR DOCTOR and MAKE A FUSS. I was foolish enough to put it down to 'indigestion' and ended up with obstructive jaundice and was in a lot of trouble - the initial signs were sharp abdo. pain, extending round the lower parts of my ribs - which would go after a few days - then recur. If it comes back, get an emergency appointment, don't soldier on. Please.

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