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Nicotine gum

Hi there, I've just joined. I was told I had a fatty liver last year after an ultrascan. I'd had a brief period of liver discomfort and bad guts which is what made me go for advice. I was told to half my drinking (which was only 1 can of lager a day), which I'm ashamed to say I didn't do, but symptoms went away. Recently they have returned and it was the easiest decision to stop drinking altogether. What I hadn't considered was whether habitually chewing nicotine gum for some years would have done any damage. Heading to doctor tomorrow for liver function tests. Anyone had experience related to nicotine gum ?

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Unlikely to have any real effect on you, doubt it is high in sat fat which is what you need to be aware of. Good luck!


Thanks Davekeel. I suppose the concern is all the nicotine flowing through. Any ex smoker will tell you that they chew that stuff frantically.


1 lager a day if it's damaging your liver beyond it's ability to regenerate (say if you also have fatty liver) will make your liver worse. In addition it's calorific which will make the fatty liver worse. The liver doesn't have pain receptors so in fact things that are busily destroying your liver can continue unnoticed until it's almost completely destroyed. The the symptoms tend to be because it's no longer doing it's job properly or where it's affecting other organs by swelling for example.

Nicotine is better than smoking but is addictive and metabolised by the liver - which has to work harder to make the enzyme required to deal with it in large quantities. The stimulant effect of nicotine may also raise the levels of fat in the blood (I'd have to look into this to be sure).

Bottom line. You need to lose weight (if over) eat a healthy diet and get lots of exercise - to reduce fat around the liver. Stop drinking. Start to cut down on the gum.

You do not want it to progress to cirrhosis. I promise you.

Best of luck.


Thank you Mister X, I will fully take that one board.


Hi dumpman, not sure if you're watching this thread any more. If you are, could you reply with what you have learned? I am in exactly the same situation, only with lozenges, not gum - everything else the same. Did you learn that nicotine replacement had caused liver problems? THANKS. My email:


I have had hepatitis C and am worrying that my nasty nicotine replacement habit (sprays & lozenges) may be adding to the damage and stress on my liver. It seems to cause liver damage in rats, so it looks like I should take it seriously. Nicotine is very poisonous. Link to research -


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