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dilated varices

Due an endoscopy as dilated varices were picked up on a ct scan of my colon. The hospital want to see if there are any more. Do they band them on the day of endoscopy or book you in for another date. Any advice I am grateful for. I am a stable cirhossis sufferer on the usual medication and twice yearly hospital visits and check ups. Suffered liver failure twice previously and lucky to be as stable as I am.


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Whenever my hubby has had an endoscopy which found varices they were always banded at that time, his varices have been 'obliterated' by repeated banding. However, the procedure does seem to vary from hospital to hospital - some no longer do preventative banding but I suppose if they feel varices are at risk of bleeding they will be dealt with.

Best wishes, Katie :)


Usual procedure is to band anything they feel needs treating at time of endoscopy.

Good Luck


They will band there and then for you they will says do want to on the chair why put the camera down and spray down your throat or sedation you I would have that one but you need someone to stay with you I have had done 6 time good luck


Hi. I have had my endoscopies banded and my regular endoscopy check ups at 2 different hospital -the liver unit I am under in London has asked for my endoscopies with / without banding to be done at the local hospital and they will liaise with each other re the results. I still remain under the care of the London liver unit. At both hospitals the banding was done at the same time as the endoscopy. So if you require banding of any varices I expect that will be the same -i.e. done at the same time as the OGD endoscopy (OGD means they look at the oesophagus, stomach and upper duodenum). However both times when I needed banding (3 varices banded at each hospital) they required me to go back 2-3 weeks later for another (check) endoscopy to see if I was clear of further varices. Good luck at your procedure - I have my check endoscopy the day after you, having had the most recent banding last Sunday.


They will band them at the same time as the endoscopy. Had it done a few times.


I had 2 Varices bleeds and they were banded there and then, but I must add both times I vomited blood in vast amounts which scared the life out of me and blood transfusions were required. My Consultant wanted to perform a TIPS procedure ASP. I needed to go home first to sort out family issues which almost turned fatal. All I remember is coming round in a hospital ward as I had been put into a induced coma. Apparently I had a massive bleed and was found unconscious at home the TIPS was carried out while I was comatose. I am very lucky to be alive


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