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Do you want to get involved in a HE research project?

Do you have a HE diagnosis? Have you experienced at least one acute (severe) episode? Is the underlying cause of your liver disease alcohol/viral hepatitis/fatty liver? Would you, or someone you know, like to be involved in a research project which aims to create a better understanding of patients with HE and identify key moments in their journey to bring a greater understanding of their experiences?

If you are interested in getting involved you may wish to discuss this with your consultant or specialist nurse before deciding to take part. For more information about the project contact Keisha Gayle on 01707 566 040 or 078 9779 5995 or via email

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Keisha Gayle I have sent you an email I am really up for this (if I qualify)

my liver failure was PBC not alcohol/viral hepatitis/fatty liver?


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