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interpretting immunoglobulins reading


I dont know if anyone can make sense of my blood test readings. I'm hoping to see a GP at some point but every stage seems to involve a 2 or 3 weeks wait so I'm trying to speed the process. I have felt unwell (not seriously unwell) for about 5 months. I first went to the GP in November where I was sent for blood tests which revealed I had raised serum ferritin. Further tests for immunoglobulins show IGg as 12.8, IGa 3.97 and IGm as 0.3. From what I can tell via Dr Google the IGg is roughly normal, IGa raised and IGm low compared to the mean. I don't know if the readings are within normal expected ranges or indicate a problem. I am diet controlled diabetic, have fatty liver , raised liver enzymes (dont know the readings) and high blood pressure . I know there is not really a treatment for fatty liver but I am keen to at least arrive at a diagnosis and preferably some sort of treatment for whatever is making me feel unwell (I have had fatty liver for at least 2 years without feeling ill-effects). I am trying to heat healthily and have not drunk any alcohol for a month and prior to that was only a moderate drinker. Many thanks

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Good Afternoon,

Usually all three reading are assessed together, alongside your other blood test results, and so should be done by the doctor who has all of your medical history and test results (your GP or specialist). If any of you IG levels are raised it can indicate and infection or other another problem similarly your diabetes control can decrease them. Your ferritin levels may also be increased because of your current conditions.

It is important that your overall health and diabetic control is considered when looking at your blood test results. Try not to worry or google what it could mean until you have seen the doctor, as this can be scary and a lot of possibilities come up that are worse case scenarios.

Following a balanced healthy diet, taking regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight will help with your diabetic control and improve you liver health. You do not need to abstain from drinking alcohol, unless you have been directed by your doctor to do so, but sticking within the recommended daily units and making sure you take 2-3 consecutive days off a week may help your fatty liver progressing.

Kind regrads

Sandy Forsyth

Patient Support and Imformation Manager


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