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Scared and looking for advice plz

i had an ultrasound scan 2 weeks ago and they discovered a tumour on my liver and also my liver is enlarged, i feel tired all the time and dont have the energy or strength that i used to and im only 27! I have lost roughly 2 and a hlaf stone since end of october 2014 and whenever i eat i get terrible cramps sometimes with diarrhea, all my blood tests are normal, i also have swollen nodes in my neck (im away to have an ultrasound for this also) and am due to get mri scan next week. Could this be cancer even though blood tests are ok as really dont feel well and getting frustrated the fact blood os coming back ok yet i still feel crap. Thanks x

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Which blood tests have they taken that they say are ok? An MRI will most likely give an accurate diagnosis of if its a cancerous or benign tumour. Have the docs taken your AFP level (alfa fetoprotein) its a tumour marker for primary liver cancer. Do you know the background to your liver damage?

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I have had a full blood count done and liver and kidney function bloods done... all ok and yes had an afp test done and it was normal. Do t know y liver is the way it is as i dont drink alcohol thanks.


Liver damage can be caused by any number of different things, including: diet, fat, lifestyle, diabetes, alcohol, autoimmune illnesses, gallstones, haemochromatosis (iron overload), viral hepatitis, blockages in the bile ducts, etc etc. If you have been to see a doctor and been diagnosed with this possible problem on your liver, the doctor SHOULD have talked you through your medical history and lifestyle history to see if they could have caused the problem, and should have tested you for viral hepatitis and autoimmune antibodies. Have they done this for you? There is another liver condition called FNH which causes benign liver tumours. Check out this page on the British Liver Trust website: britishlivertrust.org.uk/li...


Thanks for the advice, doctor never went over anything like that just said heres more painkillers and done another lft test and afp test they cam back ok so waiting on mri scan...i have that on monday at 10am but probs wont be told anything then i wouldnt have thought.


GP's (assume you are in the uk) are not liver specialists - they are, as their name suggests, general doctors. They may never have come across some types of liver disease in their working life. Hopefully the MRI will give a definite diagnosis, but who are you going to see for the results? You are right, the radiographers/technicians who do the scan will most likely not say anything, they are not allowed to, its their job to do the scan not give you a diagnosis. The scans should be sent to a radiography consultant who will look at them and make a diagnosis. Normally you would then go to a specialist hepatologist to have the results explained to you, as your GP is not qualified to interpret scan results. Has the GP asked you to go back to them or have they referred you to a liver specialist? If anything sinister is spotted on the MRI you should be contacted immediately, so in a way no news will be good news, but do follow things up if you have heard nothing within a week to 10 days. Do come back on here and tell us what happens on Monday. Good luck.


So sorry you're going through this - not knowing can be scary, but it sounds like you should have more information soon. Please let us know what the various test results are when you have them. Write everything down, and be sure to request copies of all lab and test values. Ask questions. Also, in the meantime, try to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible - no alcohol, cut sugar way down and preferably out, drink lots of purified water, eat lots of fresh vegetables, etc. Hope you get some answers soon.


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