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Can you still drive if diagnosed with auto immune hepatitis?

Can anyone advise if you are permitted to drive if you have been diagnosed with auto immune hepatitis?

I have had a provisional drivers licence prior to diagnosis. My consultant did not mention anything about is to me but the DVLA have said I need to complete a medical questionnaire and I am now concerned I will not be allowed to drive.

If anyone has experienced this or if there is anyone out there with AIH but can still drive, please let me know.


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Yes you can still drive. AIH is not a neurological condition. It's things like eyesight, stroke, epilepsy that are the medical restraints on driving. Are you on medication for the AIH and how is your current state of health?

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I don't think that AIH is going to stop you being able to hold a driving licence - there are various health conditions which are notifiable because they can cause blackouts, seizures and such like. The full list of notifiable conditions is on the website at (AIH and indeed no other liver conditions are listed and I note that hepatic encephalopathy isn't either [???]) and the full legalities of driving and disability are at .

You can keep yourself right by telling them but it isn't a notifiable condition so should not affect your driving.

Hope that helps.



Absolutely no problem with driving and I have never told DVLA. It isn't on the list of conditions you need to tell them about.



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