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Help with test results please

Hi I'm just after some help and advice on my test results as I'm clueless about this and because I am it's making me worry more.

The bits that came back as high and they are retesting are

Alanine aminotransferase which was 139 In June then 46 in September

Gamma glutamyl transferase which is 108 in September ( 7-38 )

What do these mean please?

Thank you


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ALT is an enzyme produced in your liver, when the liver is inflamed the ALT 'leaks' into the blood so your blood levels elevate. GGT is also and enzyme that indicates and inflamed or damaged liver. If you have had both ALT and GGT measured the chances are you also had Bilirubin and Albumin and possibly Alkaline phospatase measured. A gastro or GI doctor will be able to interpret the results for you, ie if the ALT is elevated but the Bilirubin normal it might mean a different thing to an elevated ALT but everything else normal. In isolation, just the ALT and GGT are relatively meaningless as a diagnostic tool.


Hiya thanks for your reply

The bilirubin level is 11 but I think that's normal as it's got nothing else next to it

The alkaline phosphatase is 110 (30-130) so higher end

And the albumin is 44 which I think is ok too?

Thank you for explaining it to me



With all results within your liver function tests normal except the ALT it doesnt tell you much I'm afraid, just that you have some inflammation in your liver but not what is causing it. If after further tests the ALT goes back down (which it did) it could have been something as simple as a virus or some medication you were taking. Its not unusual for patients with thyroid problems to have elevated GGT. If the ALT continues to go up and up then further investigations should be done. The GGT is still high so if you drink, try cutting out all alcohol and try to eat as healthily as you can and see if it goes down again. This may take some months, but as long as it is on a downward trend then that is good news.


Ok thank you for putting my mind at rest and helping me understand my results x


Hi Cupoftea1. I just thought I'd let you know that I have had fluctuating LFT results for over 25 years. My latest results reveal liver is hugely inflammed. I have been under an abnormal amount of stress and believe this is the cause. So relax, have a cup of tea and dont worry :)


Thank you carer6

:-) xx


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