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Hello every one. I am Heather, 57 and in Berkshire. I have recently had my gall bladder removed as it was badly infected, but I also had an infection to the liver. I was assured that all infection had been removed, but 11 days on I am still in a lot of pain. Recent blood tests have revealed that I do still have a liver infection. My doctor rang with the blood test results this morning telling me that before the operation my "liver readings" were 400 and are now at 250, so although going in the right direction we still have a long way to go. I am concerned that this is the case and surprised that I was discharged from hospital with an infection still going on. I know nothing about the readings or what they imply. Does anyone out there understand what this is all about? Could this be the start of something more??

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Hi Heather take a look at this link above it might help. There are so many types of liver infections,

so best go by what your Doctors test readings say, and if the liver function is getting better then the infection is too I imagine. Have you asked your doctor whether you need to go onto any special dietry requirements while your liver is healing i.e keep off any alcohol and too many fatty foods etc.

The liver is incredibly able to heal itself and regenerate providing you treat it well.

If you are over worried tell your doctor because you don't need a lot of stress now.

They will hopefully explain to you your concerns.


What reading, in the panel of LFTs was at 400? If it was AST or ALP, it could indicate inflammation due to liver disease. Go back to the GP and ask for individual results e.g., AST/ALP, GGT, Alk Phos, Total Protein, Total Billiruben etc., and an explanation on what they mean. The important reading for liver disease is AST/ALP.

Good luck,

Maggie K


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