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Has anyone experienced any difficulties travelling abroad with medication for AIH?


I am planning a holiday for this summer to go abroad and have concerns about the flight check in and arrival the airport... Does anyone know if it is difficult to go abroad with medication (for AIH i.e. Azathiaprine and prednisolone tablets?)

Has anyone experienced any difficulties anywhere and is there anything you need to bring, or are there any places that you can't travel to?

I wanted to go to Thailand, Greece or Turkey but now think my medication might mean I'm refused entry to certain places? If anyone can help and offer advice or share any information I'd really appreciate it! Thanks.

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Wouldn't have thought so. I'd get a letter from the consultant indicating what the meds are off and that it's non-contagious and keep the meds in their original wrapper.

Letter should also state that you mustn't under any circumstances come off the meds suddenly (in case someone stupidly wants to confiscate them)


I have never had any trouble anywhere - and been to lots of places. I confess I don't carry any letters or anything. I do usually take at least some of the meds in the box so anyone can see the pharmacy label.


I haven't traveled yet abroad but I would choose Europe take your medication in your bag ask for a wheel chair at airport not to get tired. I sometimes have very weak knees due to my medication. Ask for extra leg space in plane or prebook it and do as many things ur body can take on holidays don't over do it. My doctor said not to be exposed in direct sunlight for this summer so better have his/her advice!


You should not have any problems at all, as long as they are in their boxes or containers with labels on from the chemist.


Totally agree with the comments above. As with any medical condition carry your tablets onboard in original boxes with the leaflet inside. I always take an extra week in my suitcase in case of flight delays on the return. I've never travelled with a letter & must admit never been offered one from my consultant. Good suntan lotion as we are proned to skin cancer due to the tablets. Enjoy your holiday & think about how good you will feel. after 3 years have never asked for a wheelchair or extra leg space.


I have never had any problems going abroad with my meds and have taken them to europe, US, Egypt, Australia and Oman. I took a letter from the GP with me to Oman and Egypt but wasn't questioned at all about any of them and I rarely carry any of them in their boxes (I know I should!). I always carry them in hand luggage and take extras with me in case of delays etc. Have a fab holiday!

Jenni xx


Contact your airline,they should be able to give you information. If not the british embassy for the country concerned.


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