Pain when exercising?

Forgive me if this is absolutely ridiculous as a question, as I am aware that it could just be a stitch (!) but has anyone else experienced sharp stabbing pains under their rib cages when exercising over the liver area? I'm fairly fit and run/exercise regularly, but have found recently I am suffering from pain fairly regularly now.

I've been referred to a hepatologist as my LFTs have come back elevated for the past four months but didn't experience these pains before I became aware of a possible 'issue'. Perhaps this is psychosomatic?

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  • Psychosomatic or not, you are experiencing pain and this is the body's way of telling you something is wrong. Mention it to your GP in the first instance and it may be enough of an alert for a further referral to the hepatologist. Mike

  • Hi Louisa, If you have swollen organs then, on bending etc. your ribs may dig in to areas that they didn't before. As an example,, I have a very swollen spleen (distends about 10cm below the ribs) and when I bend "wrongly" it gets pushed by the bottom of the ribs and, though not a sharp pain, a definite discomfort is apparent. As Mike says, pain is the body's way of saying there's something wrong so see the quack! Good luck Phil

  • Hi, it is possible you have an infection causing the LFT s and pain. I wouldn't worry too much at this stage x

  • Afternoon all, and thank you for your replies.

    My GP has been amazing these past few months and been very proactive, but my first appointment with a heptalogist is at the end of April, so I will mention it then. I just didn't want to embarrass myself by mentioning it and for them to say that it was only a stitch!

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